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Virtual Tour Of American Spiralweld Pipe Operations In Paris, Texas
See an animation of our new spiral-welded steel pipe facility in Paris, Texas, and learn more about how AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe is being used in various projects across the U.S.  Continue Reading..
Southern Nevada Water Authority Addresses Unique Challenge With KETOS SHIELD
The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) serves more than 2.2 million residents in Southern Nevada. The SNWA is responsible for water treatment and delivery, as well as acquiring and managing long-term water resources for Southern Nevada. The KETOS SHIELD has been a key piece to their water treatment operation.  Continue Reading..
Improve Water & Wastewater Operations With Advanced Analytics
Across water and wastewater organizations, engineering decisions are too often made based on subjective judgements. Considering how inexpensive and easy modern automation makes it to generate and collect massive amounts of process data, the propensity to make decisions by gut feel may seem far-fetched to a bystander. For plant personnel, however, the struggle to improve upon instinct is often all too real.  Continue Reading..
Beyond The Specifications: Process Gas Flow Measurement In The Real World
With over 50+ years of experience in the Water & Wastewater industries globally, Fluid Components International LLC (FCI) has developed unique solutions for the measurement of liquids and gases. In this session we will examine air/gas flow measurement challenges that are commonly found in applications related to processes such as Blower Systems, Aerobic Digestion, Anaerobic Digestion [Digester/Biogas], Odor Control, Co-Generation/CHP and...  Continue Reading..
Using Turbochargers For Interstage Boosting In BWRO Applications
Mike Gisclair, Sales Engineer, for FEDCO discusses using turbochargers for interstage boosting in BWRO applications during the Water Online Virtual Water Expo.  Continue Reading..
Connecting Every Drop With A Flexible, Simple And Efficient Water Network
Addressing aging infrastructure, operational and billing challenges, and water scarcity is critical to your utility. What if you could detect outdated assets, automate billing, help your teams work faster and combat water losses? By improving billing accuracy and operational efficiencies, and enabling non-revenue water reductions, the health of your water distribution can be greatly improved. Wherever you are in your digitalization journey,...  Continue Reading..
Using Ozone To Meet The Complex Challenges Of Today’s Water And Wastewater Treatment Requirements
This presentation will look at the role that Ozone treatment plays addressing the evolving challenges of the water resources here in North America. During the presentation, we will review how ozone treatment is being used to address various drinking water challenges ranging from taste and odor to the contaminants of emerging concern.  We will also discuss the role that ozone plays in water reuse applications, providing multiple benefits in...  Continue Reading..
Take Control Of CAPEX And Reduce Your Plant OPEX
Sanitaire has an array of new digital solutions that focus on asset management as well as energy/process optimization. Please join us as we will discuss these solutions in detail and outline how these products can improve CAPEX budgeting plans and improve preventative maintenance through diffuser health monitoring. In addition, we will expand on how Sanitaire’s new offerings can save on OPEX with specialized energy saving software that...  Continue Reading..
Introducing Xylem’s Leopold Texler Lamella Clarifier
Xylem introduces the Leopold Texler lamella clarifier, with a flexible design for ease and efficiency. This presentation discusses the benefits of Texler and demonstrates some of the details of this exciting new technology.  Continue Reading..
COVID-19 Modern Trash Loading Proves Sewage Pump Clog Resistance Cannot Be Predicted By Impeller Throughlet Size
The ever-increasing collection system loading rate exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19 further exposes the traditional multi-channel solids-handling impeller as unable to operate without partial to full clogging with soft solids.   Continue Reading..