• UniSystem┬« Package Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The standard UniSystem package plant is a rectangular tank consisting of an aeration chamber, hopper bottom clarifier, sludge holding tank, and chlorine disinfection chamber. Aeration Industries can supply painted carbon steel tankage or all of the internals and ancillary equipment for installation in concrete tanks. Treatment modules can be easily added to the design of the UniSystem depending on influent characteristics and effluent requirements. Treatment module options include a comminutor, flow equalization, denitrification equipment, filters, a membrane bioreactor, UV disinfection, post aeration, and phosphorus removal equipment.

  • MicroShield Technology

    Our diffusers can last upwards of 10 years. It isn’t science fiction. It’s simply science, multiplied by our MicroShield Technology to protect against degradation.

  • Toray RO Brackish RO Elements

    With over 40 years of experience in RO membrane innovation, TORAY has developed a new product range of the widely successful low pressure BWRO elements, offering higher durability and better performance than ever before. The new element series outperforms a leading competitor in key test benchmarks.

  • Explorer Series Disc Diffusers

    Our fine-pore, flexible diffusers can reduce facility energy costs by up to 40%. No matter your industry, your custom, chemically-correct solution is built to last and save you money.

  • CSM Nanofiltration Membrane Elements

    CSM NF membranes selectively removes divalent and monovalent ions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Typical uses include production of food & beverage, dye recovery, and water softening and removal of specific impurities (i.e. color, DBP, THM) for potable use.


The Orange County Water District (OCWD) has long been an innovative leader in indirect potable reuse. An integral component of its Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) – a 100 million gallon per day advanced water purification facility – is reverse osmosis membrane technology.