• Ari Goldfarb, CEO, Kando, discusses how innovative technologies and artificial intelligence tools are advancing wastewater analysis and could potentially mitigate the effects, or even prevent, future pandemics.

  • In this interview with Kando, CPO Guy Cohen discusses new Kando products, market trends, and more. 

  • The Transcend Design Generator helped Stanley Consultants to automatically ascertain the appropriate sizing requirements for a new Flow Equalization Basin and an extension to the existing Aerobic Digester. 

  • These case studies explore how Kando's wastewater intelligence solution helped to improve dairy wastewater treatment at various dairy farms. 

  • What follows is a breakdown of some of the key applications of real-time data access in the wastewater sector.

  • Xylem Rental Solutions engineered an affordable and functional temporary bypass system to keep water out of a sedimentation basin so crews could erect a weir to reduce the potential for carbon discharge into the Niagara River.

  • Two things are perhaps certain about septage: it is highly variable; and, by its very nature — spewing odorous compounds and elements that can cause disease — it is ‘objectionable.’ Or is it?

  • Ross Valley Sanitary District in San Rafael, California services approximately 47,000 mostly residential customers over a 27 square mile service area. They have 5 major pump stations, which is where Ross Valley found themselves having the most trouble. The existing channel grinders were simply not reliable. “It was a constant headache,” said Philip Marcantonio, Senior Collection System Worker. “The pumps were ragging up sometimes twice a week and sometimes twice a day.” The plant reported that the machines were not efficient at all. “It was a lot of extra work on us to keep the stations going,” Marcantonio said. On top of that, the constant downtime was causing even more than extra work; it was costing the district a lot of money. They knew this was not a sustainable system to keep their plant and stations running.

  • The city of Tampa is a colorful metropolis located on the western coast of Florida, part of an inlet cradling the Gulf Coast. In addition to being a major business and commercial hub, Tampa is known as a cultural and entertainment destination with its museums, clubs, and restaurants that pay tribute to its rich Cuban heritage. With year-round sunshine, shimmering waterfront, and warm hospitality, Tampa is truly a city with something for everyone.

  • Prior to the installation of the Duperon Self-Cleaning Trashrack at their intakes, the City of Dallas Hampton Road Pump Station operated without any protection in front of their stormwater grating. “We just had a grate in front with no mechanical cleaning,” remembers Dhruv Pandya, District Manager for the City of Dallas Department of Flood Control. “The pumps were suffering. They were continually getting clogged, and they didn’t have enough water coming in to function properly.”


  • Biological Treatment Technologies

    Brentwood has the ability to provide you with products and solutions that offer safe and effective biological treatment, while also addressing your most complex environmental, cost, and treatment concerns. Our media modules are engineered and manufactured to provide optimal treatment efficiency and an ideal environment for biofilm growth. Brentwood’s innovative design, manufacturing standards, and product testing yield field-proven systems of the highest quality, recognized worldwide for superior performance and long-lasting service.

  • Tube Settler Systems

    Brentwood tube settlers consist of a series of sloped, tubular channels and structural wave sheets that reduce settling distance and combine to form an increased effective settling area. Constructed of robust, yet lightweight PVC, the modules can be supported with minimal structures while maintaining tensile, flexural, and impact strength. Heavy duty sheets are available for high-load applications.

  • Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization: Actionable Insights To Enhance Visibility And Improve Wastewater Network Performance

    Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization provides visibility into a utility’s complex environment, allowing managers to monitor flow in real-time, predict future activity, and apply actionable, data-driven intelligence. 

  • Duperon Dual Auger System

    A new alternative to grinders and chopper pumps in the collection system and plant headworks: the Duperon Dual Auger system is our solution to wipes.

  • SCREENMASTER® RT - Internally Fed, Fine Drum Screen System

    The SCREENMASTER® RT internally fed rotary drum screen employs a rotating drum and rugged construction to provide effective fine screening. This unit is employed in a wide variety of applications including wastewater, pulp and paper processing, tanning and slaughterhouse waste, produce washing, food processing and more. It is also used in the separation of debris from any variety of plant and equipment cleaning processes.


Hear how the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio (MSDGC) has raised the bar on operating their collection systems by maximizing existing assets and system data using real-time optimization technology.