• How One Company Created An Easy, Affordable Way To Stop Damage From Wipes

    Toilet paper. The most essential product necessary to life besides food and water. Also cited as the first item to run out at supermarkets during an emergency. For those who live in disaster-prone areas, keeping a stockpile is normal. But for everyone else, a few extra rolls of toilet paper is just a routine part of a grocery trip. So what happened when families everywhere panic bought toilet paper to get through an extended lockdown?

  • How The Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Plant Solved Its Debris Problem

    The water treatment needs of both Ukiah Valley and Lake County are served by the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Plant. Nestled between Highway 101 on the west and the Russian River to the east, the facility features a scenic view of surrounding valleys of vineyards seemingly out of a Steinbeck novel. Construction of the facility was completed in 1958 back when the city had a population of around 9,000. Since then, the population has grown by about 78% to a total of 16,000 residents. The plant’s five pumps are equipped to handle 2.8 MGD (million gallons per day) of dry weather flow, and 20 MGD of wet weather flow. Even though the plant is equipped to remove some floating material, they were having issues with an overflow of unwanted debris.

  • TASKMASTER Aids In Biomass Research

    At CRBM Marine Biology Research Center in Quebec, Canada, researchers were in search of a grinder for a project involving marine biomass. A big part of this research project was focused on finding and extracting marine molecules that could fight against major diseases such as cancer (breast, lung, prostatic and intestinal). For the research, marine materials such as hard shells, lobster pieces, stretchable fish skin and even large and resistant seaweed needed to be ground to a homogeneous size so the research elements could be effectively extracted from the material. Getting the output size right was imperative to having a workable material for the very delicate extractions and research.

  • 24″ PIPELINE DELUMPER® Heavy-Duty Inline Processor

    This 24″ PIPELINE DELUMPER® was design to handle 84,000 lbs/hr of polypropylene for a major petro-chemical company. The unit features 24 inch inlet and outlet flanges, stainless steel construction and a 50 HP motor to handle oversized agglomerates of polypropylene. The unit de-agglomerates troublesome scale and lumps that can cause operational difficulties for a petro-chemical plant. Reliability is critical as the unit is to be installed extremely high up in a relatively inaccessable area.

  • Union Township, NJ Automates Pump Station With TASKMASTER®

    Union Township, New Jersey was having a lot of trouble with their pump station. Although a small pump station, it was extremely cumbersome to maintain. The station was using a trash basket with a ladder and rail system to screen solids. This was extremely time-consuming, used an excess of manpower and proved to be ineffective at times. They knew they needed a better solution.

  • DELUMPER® Crushes Soda Ash Scale

    A leading mineral mining and processing plant recently turned to Franklin Miller for help in solving a long-standing problem. The facility, located in Wyoming , is a major producer of soda ash, the common name for sodium carbonate. Derived from trona ore, the soda ash has significant economic importance because of its application in manufacturing glass, paper, chemicals, detergents and other products.

  • TASKMASTER® Grinder Contributes to BioFuel Production

    The Meadowbrook Dairy in El Mirage, California is part of a growing alternative energy initiative -the production of energy from renewable sources. In this example, the renewable source is manure provided by the dairy’s 2000 cows. Each day, 20,000 gallons of manure are collected, deposited and processed in an anaerobic digester. Methane is released which fuels a turbine that generates electricity. Enough power is generated to meet most of the daily needs of the 159 acre dairy.

  • DELUMPER® LP Crusher Improves Cocoa Butter Processing

    Chef Rubber, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty supplies for chefs and well-known confectioners. The products include silicones, molds, colorants and colored cocoa butter. These unique tools are widely used by artisan chefs to create edible works of art for special events, competitions and other artistic applications.

  • Crusher Breaks Up Large Cakes Of Enzyme Products

    American Laboratories, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of enzyme products for many food, dietary supplements, nutritional and industrial applications. The company has grown steadily, currently operating three facilities in Omaha, Nebraska. To keep pace with this expansion, the company realized, some years ago, that a more efficient way to process the enzyme material was necessary. After examining their options, they made a decision to purchase a Franklin Miller DELUMPER® Crusher 1077 S4.

  • The DELUMPER®: A Sweet Success At ADM

    ADM Cocoa Plant in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania needed help with their cocoa bean production. The plant processes two and a half million pounds of cocoa beans each day, turning them into cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor. The company needed a machine to process sugar with over-sized lumps that could occur in transport or storage. Unless these agglomerated clumps were reduced to a granular form, the process could not work dependably. The machine also had to handle the large quantity of sugar processed daily and be sanitary.


  • Hydro-Brake Drop

    Safely convey water or sewage while protecting infrastructure from damage, vibration, odor and noise.

  • Heliscreen

    Get high-performance, low-footprint CSO screening even under challenging overflow conditions.

  • Hydro-Jet Screen

    Screen gross solids and floatables at small and medium-size CSO facilities.

  • Hydro-Static Screen

    Capture gross solids and floatables at CSO sites with infrequent overflows.

  • Storm King

    Prevent 100% of combined sewer floatables and gross solids and 95% of grit and sediment from reaching the environment.


The SUPER SHREDDER® in-line macerator reduces tough wastewater solids to fine bits with a unique, high-flow, spherical rotor design. The unit is specifically designed for high capacity and minimal headloss.