Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Initial Funding For Billion-Dollar Missouri River Pipeline Secured

    Solving water scarcity issues can be an expensive proposition. Desalination, for instance, is a notoriously energy-intensive process that requires significant investment in technology and equipment.

  2. In Aspen, Avalanches Threaten Water Security

    Colorado has its fair share of water security issues, with population growth and climate change affecting its primary source.

  3. Trump Approves Colorado River Drought Plan

    Some of the American West’s most critical sources for drinking water have received new government protection.

  4. Winter Brings A Year’s Worth Of Water For 9 Million Californians

    California may have a reputation for persistent drought and water scarcity, but already this year the state’s freshwater reserves are worth celebrating.

  5. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates Back Solar Panels That Extract Water From Air

    With backing from two of the biggest tech entrepreneurs in American history, a new solar-powered solution to water scarcity has raised a massive amount of money.

  6. Vegas Planners Prep For 'Doomsday' On Colorado River

    Las Vegas water planners are prepping for a harrowing possibility: The disappearance of the Colorado River.

  7. Is Lake Mead Drying Up?

    Lake Mead levels are low, which creates significant complications for water management in Arizona.

  8. When Water Scarcity Leads To Violent Crime

    As pressure on water resources grows, there is at least one “water cop” trying to maintain order.

  9. Utilities Invoke A Nightmare: 'Imagine A Day Without Water'

    Water utilities around the country are inviting the public to think the unthinkable in a campaign kicking off October 10 known as “Imagine a Day Without Water”.

  10. 'Groundbreaking' Partnership Carried East Palo Alto Through Drought

    During the dry days of the California drought, one Silicon Valley city banned development because officials were unsure there would be enough water for projects.