Water Instrumentation Podcasts

  1. Eradicating Water Loss Starts With Accurate Flow Measurement

    McCrometer’s Full Profile Insertion (FPI) magnetic flow meter inserts into a pipe via a two-inch hot tap, avoiding the need to cut in a full bore mag. As Dan Hardin, Regional Sales Manager for McCrometer, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, it can then connect to any SCADA or radio system the utility might have to measure flow rate to within half a percent accuracy.

  2. Portable Water Quality Monitoring Tools For Source Water

    Monitoring the quality of your raw water sources is a not-to-be-overlooked process argues Pam Moss, Application Development Manager for Hach’s Software Solutions Group in this Water Online Radio interview.

  3. Measuring Flow In A Partially-Filled Pipe

    Accurate partially-filled pipe measurement is essential when dealing with variable stormwater flows or over-sized community systems built for future growth. In Europe, new stormwater regulations requiring treatment before release are driving a change in measurement that will likely be seen in the U.S. in the not-too-distant future. 

  4. Helping Customers Make Informed Decisions

    Badger Meter has 10 metering technologies that exist in the marketplace, so there is a lot of variety in what they do. Brian Kettner, Marketing Manager with Badger Meter, sat down with Water Online Radio to talk about the company, and what they are currently focusing on.

  5. Data Validation: Accurate Measurements Every Time

    Swan Analytical USA manufactures water quality analyzers for continuous online monitoring — they cover a wide range of variables ranging from ammonia, fluorides, PHs, and turbidity.

  6. UVT-LED Sheds Light On UV Disinfection

    Learn why measuring UV transmittance is so important to efficient disinfection, and how LED helps get you there.

  7. OEM Leaders Weigh In On Water’s Future

    By collaborating with so many different companies in the water sector, Revere Control Systems has developed a robust sense of where things are headed.

  8. Instrumentation In The New Era

    Measuring dissolved oxygen (DO) in the aeration process has gone from a helpful, if vague, step for information gathering to a precise imperative for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

  9. Big Pipe, Big Consequences

    When you go really big on pipe, the stakes get higher. Maintenance and energy costs can easily skyrocket, and failure on components such as valves is not an option.

  10. Reduce Maintenance And Extend Longevity With Dual Tubing

    Bill McDowell, Sales Engineer with Blue-White Industries, sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the new things happening with their company and their peristaltic pump tubing lines.