Predictive Maintenance Enabled By Moving Secured Data To The Cloud

Source: Veolia Water Technologies
Predictive Maintenance Enabled By Moving Secured Data To The Cloud

Cloud-based monitoring and reporting was all the rage at WEFTEC 2017. Water Talk sat down with Tom Perry, National Product Manager with Veolia to discuss Aquavista, one of the more established technologies for capturing critical data, storing it in the cloud and allowing it to be accessed real time, 24/7 from any smart, web-enabled device.

There are different levels of service but what excites Perry is Aquavista’s ability to not only monitor but to improve operational efficiencies. “We have what we call a data-driven performance optimization (DDPO) tool,” explains Perry. “It takes the data that’s being collected and incorporates it back into the process. You can be fully automated in what we call a DDPO. It’s intended to optimize operational efficiency.”

Some of the benefits of remote data storage and analysis allows Veolia to be a better partner to its customers, predicting maintenance or helping to troubleshoot issues for example.

To learn more about the ways Aquavista has been incorporated into operations in both industrial and municipal settings, listen here:

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