Real-Time Monitoring Aids Adoption Of New Water Treatment Technologies

Real-Time Monitoring Aids Adoption Of New Water Treatment Technologie

With the ability to store mass amounts of data, real-time monitoring and the timely analysis of that data is spurring significant change in the water industry. As Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems, explains in this Water Talk interview, high frequency data is not only aiding in the battle to identify contamination but also in summarizing performance once a solution has been installed to fix it.

A couple of contaminants Aqua Metrology is actively involved in tracking are hexavalent chromium and trihalomethanes (THM). If you visit the Company’s website, you’ll see real-time trackers reporting concentration levels of these contaminants across California.

Bacon discusses an alternative system for treating Chromium-6 that halves operation costs but could only be validated by capturing high frequency online performance data.  He also discusses how THM formation analysis is helping smaller utilities optimize how they load their water plant with raw water, based on how much THM will be created subsequently.

To learn more about the benefits to real-time monitoring and these specific applications, listen here: 

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