Water and Wastewater Solutions For Industry

  1. TSCA Modernization: A Dose Of Common Sense

    After 40 years, the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) has finally been updated, much to the delight of most — but certainly not all.

  2. Refinery Expands Production While Meeting Discharge Standards Quality

    Petron Bataan Refinery wanted to expand production to process 180 thousand barrels of crude oil per day while changing its feedstock from Arab Light to less costly heavy and sour crudes.

  3. Extreme Wastewater Treatment: Deconstructing Chemical Weapons

    Can a filter save the world? Maybe not, but this application highlights the role of innovative water treatment technologies in protecting the health and welfare of the planet.

  4. The Business Of Sustainability — Through The Eyes (And Lens) Of National Geographic

    The global water challenges are vexing and significant and affect individuals directly in their day-to-day lives, and as members of the broader human community.  These challenges in turn pose threats to numerous aspects of nature and impact living things that also depend on water for survival. 

  5. Guacamole Coasts: Not Just Florida, Not Just Now

    Florida’s Treasure Coast has turned toxic this summer, as a foul-smelling algae bloom that resembles guacamole has made some of the Sunshine State’s beaches untouchable.

  6. Desalination And Power Plants—An Ideal Partnership?

    A partnership between power and desalination plants may be the solution to drinking water scarcity. Researchers are working on a new system that can create potable water using a low-temperature desalination process powered by waste heat from a waterless power plant cooling system. 

  7. Drought, Changing Regs, And Desire For Renewable Energy Results In Unique Public-Private Partnership

    Excitement is building around a new wastewater recovery project scheduled for completion in Fairfield, CA, this coming summer.

  8. The Changing Role Of Infrastructure Within The Oil And Gas Industry

    The drop in price of a barrel of oil has had an understandable impact on major projects in the oil and gas industry. Three years ago, with crude trading above $100 a barrel, schedule was the overriding priority. As time delays were equated to lost revenue opportunity, there was less attention paid to the ultimate cost efficiency of a major project.

  9. Optimize Your Water Discharge Quality Through Accurate Turbidity And Suspended Solids Measurement

    The clarity of water in a stream, river or ocean is a key determinant in fostering a healthy and balanced aquatic ecosystem. The clearer the water, the greater the ability of light to penetrate to aquatic plants which generate the oxygen needed for aquatic life.

  10. Corrosion Issues = Planning Issues

    There indeed is a desperate need for a corrosion science. We have all seen perfect, shiny new equipment quickly rot and deteriorate in the field. Put a new motor in a pulp mill and two years later you cannot even read the label on it.