Water and Wastewater Solutions For Industry

  1. Coming Of Age: UV-C LED Technology Update

    Sometimes technology innovations come along which cause a paradigm shift in how products are designed.

  2. Water Process Solutions Supplies Twickenham Plating Group With New Polyblend® Polymer Activation Unit

    Started in 1949, Twickenham Plating Group (TPG) has continually delivered quality in service and technically advanced finishes for electronics, telecommunication, aerospace, automotive and military applications with a commitment environmental responsibilities.

  3. Is Water Shortage The Next Big Short?

    At the end of The Big Short, a postscript stated that one of the story's protagonists, Dr. Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale), was now focused on investing in only one commodity: water. That got my attention.

  4. Tangential Flow Separation: A New Way To Treat Waste

    Can “leaky hoses” really be considered an innovation? The answer is yes — when applied (ingeniously) for liquid/solids separation.

  5. Tracking Chemical Use To Optimize Quality, While Saving Money

    What technology is available to monitor and optimize my plant operations?

  6. Can SNOWater Fix Fracking Treatment?

    As the popularity of hydraulic fracturing continues to strain available water supplies, a new technology may be the key to recycling produced water in an affordable way.

  7. Biogas Industry Trends And Flow Measurement Technology

    Many US wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are beginning to use anaerobic digesters to produce biogas that can be used in their combined heat and power plants to generate electricity and heat.

  8. How To Power Your Treatment Plant And Reduce Costs With Waste-To-Energy Technology

    Electricity is a major cost for industry operations, and the cost of meeting environmental regulations is right up there as well. At the same time, industries are compelled to improve sustainability and lower their carbon footprints.

  9. New Drinking Water Regulations Sought For Algal Toxins

    Excess nutrients, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), and cyanotoxins have long been a problem for wastewater treatment plants — many states regulate nutrient levels in discharged water — but now drinking water plants are being eyed for regulation as well.

  10. Stormwater: A Valuable Resource For Power Plants?

    Stormwater is often thought of as a burden. Too much of it can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities, flood communities, and lead to the pollution of lakes and rivers. There is debate on who’s in charge of it and how it should be managed. Several communities have invested millions, and some even billions, trying to control stormwater. Even chicken farmers have issues with stormwater.