Water and Wastewater Solutions For Industry

  1. Advanced Aeration In Hydraulic Fractured Water Impoundments

    With so much attention paid to the fate of frack water — how it’s handled and cleaned — it’s time to consider the effectiveness of prevailing treatment methods.

  2. Tidal Wave Or Drop In The Bucket? Differences In Water Use Across The United States

    A serious drought in the American West has called national attention to our country’s water resources. Not all regions of the U.S., however, have the same water needs. Understanding how our nation uses water, and how these needs vary across the country, will be an important piece of the solution to the water puzzle.

  3. Sewer Mining: An Unconventional Solution To Water Scarcity

    ‘Sewer mining’ may sound like a search for mistakenly flushed and washed-away valuables, but it’s actually a sophisticated, sustainable strategy for combating water scarcity.

  4. Lift Station Upgraded After Rainstorm Causes Flood And Electrical Short

    Read the full case study to learn how the installation of the three Flygt horizontally mounted dry pit, flood-proof NZ-3171 submersible clog-free pumps immediately offered a 25 percent boost in efficiency at a lift station in Manitoba, Canada, after a motor had shorted out due to excessive moisture, and could not be replaced.

  5. Automation Technology Brings Economic Power In South Africa

    South Africa is a partner of a large number of industrial nations throughout the world. Very promising future domestic markets are the automotive industry and the infrastructure sector. Festo South Africa has already grown to a significant size in both sectors over the years.

  6. 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) Application Brief

    Previously TCP has been used as as a degreaser, paint remover, and cleaning agent. Currently TCP is utilized as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of various organic chemicals.

  7. Determination Of Hexanal In Foods Utilizing Dynamic Headspace

    Hexanal is one of many well-documented aromatic components that contribute to flavor and aroma in common consumer food products containing omega-6 fatty acids. Hexanal content is also used to measure the oxidative status of foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids.

  8. Effective AdvanTex Treatment Offers Cost Savings

    On the small island of St. Thomas, the Mountain Top condominium complex had a big problem: its sequencing batch reactor (SBR) was failing. And a replacement treatment system was needed quickly, because residents relied on the recycled wastewater for use both in toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. 

  9. Will Zero Liquid Discharge Save Forward Osmosis?

    While increasing patents indicate potential forward osmosis (FO) applications that may generate opportunities for new FO products, a new BlueTech Research Insight Report explores the reasons why FO remains a niche technology.

  10. MIOX’s On-Demand Generated Chemistry Boosts Production Of One Of The Major Puerto Rico Power Plants

    In 2010, one of the Power Plants of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) faced a crisis due to biological growth in their power plant’s cooling tower. The plant was using straight hypochlorite, which was not effective at controlling biological growth.