Wastewater Disinfection WHITE PAPERS

  1. Size Your Ozone System In 5 Minutes Or Less

    The most common questions about using ozone for the treatment of industrial wastewater relate to system sizing and pricing. Here are five quick rules of thumb to get a ‘ballpark size’ for your next ozone project. 

  2. Orenco And UV Pure® Provide Safe Water, Always For The Soyo Municipal Hospital In Angola

    Orenco Systems® Inc. (Orenco) recently completed the sale and commissioning of a wastewater treatment system for the Soyo Municipal Hospital in Angola.

  3. Wastewater Disinfection - San Juan Cosala, Mexico (Case Study)

    The State Water Commission of Jalisco (CEA Jalisco) is responsible for several municipal wastewater treatment plants discharging into Lake Chapala.

  4. The Basics Of Disinfection

    From utility water to wastewater, whether used in industrial processes or for drinking, disinfection plays a prominent role in providing safe and useable water. Water free from pathogens and other microorganisms ensures processes run efficiently and people are kept safe from disease. By Harland R Pond, Business Development Manager – Water Treatment

  5. Direct Filtration Of Spring Water

    The Franklin Water Treatment Plant, near the Utah/Idaho state border, serves approximately 600 residents. Traditionally, water was drawn from springs and chlorinated.

  6. Stormwater Treatment and Reuse - Toronto, Ontario (Case Study)

    Sherbourne Common is an innovative waterfront park that provides the public with green recreational space along Lake Ontario in a former industrial area. 

  7. Wastewater Disinfection and Reuse - Lake Arrowhead, California (Case Study)

    In 2000, the district’s average water demand was 2.3 million gallons per day (MGD) (363 m3/hr) and was estimated to grow over 20% by 2030. Unfortunately, there was not a sufficient or permanent reliable source of supply to meet future demands.

  8. Clinton, MA SuperDisc Case Study

    The Clinton Wastewater Treatment Plant provides advanced wastewater treatment, including nutrient removal, for the towns of Clinton and Lancaster, Massachusetts.

  9. Franklin, GA - Tertiary Filter Case Study

    A new wastewater treatment plant with an average daily flow (ADF) of 0.25 MGD was constructed in 2010 for the Heard County Water Authority to replace its existing plant.

  10. Pilot Testing For Stormwater Treatment

    The Columbus Water Works of Columbus, GA, implemented a stormwater treatment system to protect the downstream public health and improve aquatic biology in the city’s Premier Park.