Wastewater Aeration Videos

  1. Video Case Study Of Wastewater Process At Milk Processing Plant

    In this video case study, the Maintenance and Operations Manager, Purification Operator and Foreman and Electrical Technician discuss the wastewater treatment process at the AK Gida milk processing plant in Turkey. In particular, the video focuses on the aeration process and equipment for degrading the biological content of the plant’s sewage.

  2. Screw Vs. Traditional “Roots” Type Lobe Blower Technology

    This animation highlights the difference between screw blower technology and the more traditional “roots” lobe blower technology for wastewater aeration applications.

  3. Rubber Diffuser For The Chemicals In Your Wastewater Video

    Forget the old municipal approach to wastewater management. Our scientists and engineers create a customized solution that helps you cut costs, boost your environmental image, avoid regulatory issues and turn a headache into a competitive advantage. By renewing your water, we transform your business!

  4. Dif-Jet Gas Mixing Aerator Product Video

    This video shows how Dif-Jet™ wastewater aerators from Fortrans are energy efficient, non-fouling, and can be used with air or pure oxygen for applications requiring mixing of air – oxygen or ozone into water.

  5. New Treatment Technologies For Water Customers

    Elena Bailey, Director of Business Development at Ovivo, introduces new treatment technologies, including the Duet screen for grit removal and the AEROSTRIP® Diffusor for aeration. In this video, learn how the latest products in the company’s portfolio connect with customers’ needs in the drinking water and wastewater industries.

  6. Choosing the Best Blower Technology for Energy Needs

    While energy-efficiency is an important factor when choosing aeration and blower systems, every wastewater treatment plant has its own unique set of energy requirements. Aerzen offers a wide range of different technologies tailored to customers’ needs: Positive Displacement Blowers, Hybrid Blowers, and Turbo Blowers. In this video, Regional Sales Manager Tom McCurdy explains how Aerzen’s Performance Cubed program offers a targeted aeration technology plan for any facility.

  7. High Speed Turbocompressors Increase Operating Efficiency and Decrease Energy Consumption

    In this video, learn how the newest high speed turbocompressors from Sulzer Pumps can provide optimal operating efficiency with minimized energy consumption. Features such as magnetic bearings, a silent motor, and intuitive touch screen technology minimize maintenance costs for operators at wastewater treatment plants and other low-pressure industrial operations.

  8. Grease And Oil Aeration Tank: G.O.A.T. Video

    Our Grease Oil Aeration Tanks were designed for the permanent removal and oxidation of F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, & Grease) and H2S in commercial and residential grease traps and grease interceptors. The G.O.A.T. is a compact stainless steel tank located in close proximity to a sink or dishwasher for the treatment of “Gray Water” effluent. The G.O.A.T. incorporates hybrid ozone with hydroxyl radicals (A.O.P) for the permanent removal of F.O.G. and H2S on contact. DO2E’s G.O.A.T. achieves the maximum oxygen transfer required for the total breakdown of all F.O.G. particulates. F.O.G. is converted on contact into suspended micro-fine inert particulates.

  9. Air Docks Video

    Air Docks are designed to improve the water quality in marinas, creeks, canals, bays, bayou's, lakes, and ponds or where ever stagnated or poor water quality exists.

  10. Floating Aerator / Mixer Video

    DO2E Aerator / Mixers are high-efficiency all welded, heavy-duty PVC devices that are unique in several ways. DO2E’s patented products are designed to pull water from significant depths for aeration and mixing. By operating with low-pressure (<1.85 P.S.I.) high-volume airflow, these devices maximize energy efficiency. Our patented products are scalable and multi voltage.