Wastewater Aeration Videos

  1. Big Air: Aerzen Introduces Turbo Blower For Large Treatment Plants

    Aerzen USA has long preached — and excelled in delivering — "right-sized" blower solutions, offering energy efficiency by producing the proper amount of air for the application. Until recently, however, the company did not have an option for the largest of wastewater treatment plants. That has changed with the introduction of the Multicore series turbo blower, which is described in the following video by Tom McCurdy, National Sales Manager for Aerzen's Environmental Group.

  2. Sidestream Injection With PFR For Rapid Mass Transfer

    Mazzei’s sidestream injection system with Pipeline Flash Reactor (PFR) uniformly distributes gas into a bulk water flow minimizing the size and cost of gas contacting.  Gas is drawn in and aggressively mixed with a sidestream flow via a venturi injector. The sidestream solution is then returned to the main flow through the optimally designed nozzles of a PFR to ensure complete and uniform contacting and rapid mass transfer ― all within a compact footprint. 

  3. NURO Controller For ICEAS Advanced SBR Processes

    These days, operators are required to do more with less due to stricter nitrogen and phosphorus permits, pressure to reduce energy and chemical usage, and limited time and staff. How could these challenges be met without a plant reconfiguration?

  4. Kaeser's Line of Rotary Screw Blower Packages (Video)

    Kaeser screw blowers use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and even achieve significant energy savings compared to currently available screw blowers.

  5. RWL Water & Emefcy Announce Merger To Form Fluence Corporation, Ltd.

    Founded in 2017, under the consolidation of global water industry leaders Emefcy and RWL Water, Fluence was established with a vision to become the key global provider in decentralized water and wastewater solutions.

  6. Wet Well Wizard In Action

    This video clearly illustrates how successful the wet well wizard is at eliminating FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) from collection system lift station wet wells. The patent pending Wizard design is guaranteed never to allow air bubbles to cavitate wet well pumps, to eliminate H2S odor from forming in the well where it is located, and eliminate all negative odors.

  7. Increasing Oxygen Transfer Efficiency In Wastewater Aeration

    Rich Gannon, Diffused Aeration Product Manager with Evoqua, explains the unique diamond punch pattern on the new Diamond S Plus membrane leading to more bubbles per square foot without increasing air flow rates to yield greater oxygen transfer efficiency.

  8. Retrofitting Your Wastewater Operation

    Kevin Westerling interviews Mark Pamperin, a biological processes product manager with Evoqua, about retrofitting and rehab systems for wastewater treatment plants. Their discussion touches on circular clarifiers, anaerobic digestion, brush aerators, chain and scrapers, RBC systems and diffused aeration.

  9. Increasing Wastewater Treatment Capacity With Minimum Capital Expense

    Walter Renz, Director of Business Development for Praxair, highlights the use and benefits of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water treatment and wastewater industries with specific focus on a low-cost, high-efficiency dissolution process in this video interview with Bill King.

  10. AERZEN Introduces Integrated Controls For Blowers

    Eric Bennet, Control Products Manager for Aerzen, meets with Kevin Westerling to discuss the new line of local control panels the blower manufacturer has introduced to monitor blower performance. Control panels include the AERSmart, AERProcess and AERemote.