Wastewater Aeration Videos

  1. LAGOON MASTER™ Sludge Activating Aerator Video

    The Reliant Lagoon Master Water-Moving Aeration System (formerly Model WQA) is not just an aerator, but it is a water-mover with the ability to deliver large amounts of dissolved oxygen (DO) using a minimum of energy.

  2. AccuFAS Aeration Pattern

    The Brentwood-engineered AccuFAS Submerged Fixed-Film system adds a fixed-growth surface for biomass to provide enhanced biological treatment and increase capacity for municipal and industrial wastewater. Composed of Brentwood’s structured-sheet, fixed-film media, AccuFAS was developed to optimize airflow and mixing while maximizing contact between the waste stream and biomass.

  3. Custom-Designed Waste-To-Energy System Produces More Energy Than This Food Processing Plant Can Use

    Learn how Fluence upgraded Amadori’s existing WWTP, adding anaerobic digestion and nitrification-denitrification systems.

  4. Tornado® Surface Aerators Help Obregon, Mexico Earn Energy Conservation Awards

    Learn how Fluence helped the city of Obregon, Mexico overcome severe ecological challenges, save energy, and treat wastewater for reuse.

  5. Kaeser Compressors: The Benefits Of Package And System Integration

    Kaeser's blower product manager, Stephen Horne, explains how wastewater treatment facilities can benefit from utilizing blower package and system integration for increased efficiency.

  6. Energy Efficient System Design For WWTPs

    Energy is a huge portion of a wastewater treatment plant's operating costs, with aeration blowers being a major user. System splitting with adaptive control reduces electrical, maintenance, and initial investment costs.

  7. Winterization Tips For Compressed Air Systems

    Follow these 5 tips to make sure your compressed air system is ready for winter.

  8. Proper Application Of Blower Technology Is Critical To Reducing Energy Consumption At Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater aeration is a huge consumer of energy and the leading candidate for cost saving consideration at the wastewater treatment plant.

  9. Video Case Study Of Wastewater Process At Milk Processing Plant

    In this video case study, the Maintenance and Operations Manager, Purification Operator and Foreman and Electrical Technician discuss the wastewater treatment process at the AK Gida milk processing plant in Turkey. In particular, the video focuses on the aeration process and equipment for degrading the biological content of the plant’s sewage.

  10. Screw Vs. Traditional “Roots” Type Lobe Blower Technology

    This animation highlights the difference between screw blower technology and the more traditional “roots” lobe blower technology for wastewater aeration applications.