Stormwater Management Products

  1. Stormwater Treatment System: Series Stormceptor For Large Spill Capacity
    Designed to treat stormwater run-off and manage erosion control from larger drainage areas, the Series Stormceptor can more than double the treated stormwater drainage area of the In-Line Stormceptor System.
  2. Inlet Stormceptor For Stormwater Treatment (Oil/Water Separation)
    The Inlet Stormceptor for stormwater treatment takes the place of a traditional inlet structure in a storm sewer filtration system. The Inlet Stormceptor is ideal for stormwater filtration and for small drainage areas, such as truck loading bays, electrical transformer stations, and vehicle refueling stations (oil/water sepaaration).
  3. The Premier Stormwater Treatment System: The Inline Stormceptor
    The In-Line Stormceptor, the premier stormwater management system, is our most commonly installed model. The In-Line unit is available in eight different unit sizes, ranging from 900 to 7200 gallon storage capacities. Each unit is constructed from precast concrete components and a patented fiberglass insert thus providing a quality stormwater solution.
  4. Net Tech For Stormwater Treatment
    Kristar's Net Tech, for stormwater treatment, is a versatile device that can be fitted to outfalls to retain trash and debris in a wide variety of situations. Net Techs have been fitted in beach, river, canal and creek situations.
  5. Flo-Gard® Dual Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator For Stormwater Treatment
    The FloGard® Dual-Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator provides enhanced gravity separation of suspended stormwater pollutants in a compact configuration.
  6. FloGard®+PLUS™ For Stormwater Treatment
    Kristar's FloGard®+PLUS™ is a multipurpose catch basin insert designed to capture sediment, debris, trash & oils/grease from low (first flush) flows.
  7. DownSpout StormFilter™
    The affordable Stormwater Management Inc. DownSpout StormFilter, with its compact size, passive operation and strong performance can be easily rooftop runoff.
  8. ecoSep Below Grade Oil/Water Separator
    ecoSep is a cost-effective below grade oil/water separation unit that can help keep water clean from oil contaminates
  9. Storm Maintenance Management
    The storm maintenance management software maintains a network of drainage structures including inlets, catch basins, manholes, storm sewer inventories, and outfalls, wetlands, open drainage features
  10. Mine Drainage Applications
    An ideal metal removal treatment sequence for mine drainage water is a settling pond followed by treatment with an Octolig MRP (Metal Removal Plant)