Source Water Contamination

  1. Defense Spending Could Be A Vehicle For PFC Bills

    Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to pass water contamination legislation as part of a major defense spending bill.

  2. NC Fights Against Toxic Metal Contamination

    North Carolina officials are debating how to respond to toxic-metal pollution found in wells near facilities run by Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electric company.

  3. Small City Struggles With PFCs Moving In 'Unknown Ways'

    The city of Grayling, MI, provides a case study in what happens when a perfluorinated compound (PFC) scare shakes a community.

  4. Forecasters Keep Close Watch On Lake Erie’s Algal Bloom

    Here’s the good news: Experts say faucets in Toledo, OH, will likely remain poison-free this year.

  5. California Cracks Down On Cancer-Causing Pollutant

    California officials moved to regulate a cancer-causing pollutant known as 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (TCP) in drinking water this month amid concerns that the contaminant has made its way into about 100 public water systems in the state.

  6. North Carolina Regulators Fight GenX Contamination

    North Carolina regulators lowered the standard for GenX in drinking water this month as the state grapples with contamination in the Cape Fear River.

  7. Florida Nuclear Expansion Approved Despite Water Concerns

    Federal regulators signed off on a plan for a nuclear proposal in Florida to pump wastewater underground despite concerns the facility could contaminate drinking water.

  8. New Mexico Utility’s Innovative Funding Project For Water Quality

    A public water utility in New Mexico is trying an innovative approach to preserving water quality, donating money to protect the environment upstream.

  9. Scammers Try To Cash In On GenX Contamination Fears

    Scammers in North Carolina appear to be taking advantage of concerns over the drinking water contaminant GenX by attempting to sell products they claim will safeguard household taps.

  10. Independence Day Fireworks Bring Threat Of Perchlorate Contamination

    Indiana American Water, the largest investor-owned utility in the state, had a note of caution this year for Independence Day revelers: Fireworks pose a threat to waterways.