Sludge and Biosolids Processing News

  1. Chemists Develop A New Eco-Friendly Material For Waste Water Purification

    RUDN chemists have developed a hybrid nanocatalyst for quick removal of stable organic dyes from wastewater. This catalyst does not require additional aggressive solvents. The results of the study were published in Inorganic Chemistry.

  2. WateReuse Association Applauds Bureau Of Reclamation Award Of $35.3M For Water Reuse Projects

    The WateReuse Association applauds Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman’s announcement that Reclamation is awarding $35.3M to six authorized Title XVI water reclamation and reuse projects in California.

  3. Organica Water Selected For The 2019 Global Cleantech 100 List

    Organica Water, a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater, is excited to announce that the company was named by Cleantech Group in the prestigious 2019 Global Cleantech 100.

  4. TransMedia Group To Highlight How OriginClear® Is Accelerating On-Site Water Treatment

    TransMedia Group said it was retained recently to highlight how OriginClear® is leading the charge to the next wave of revolutionary advancements--on-site water treatment to leapfrog centralized solutions that can take decades and many billions to implement.

  5. Intelligent Water Systems Challenge Launches For Second Year

    The Intelligent Water Systems Challenge is back for a second year to encourage participants to use innovation and data to help solve some of the most difficult issues facing water and wastewater utilities.

  6. Succesfull Commisioning Of 14 W-Tank Units And 6 Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plants By Toro Equipment

    It was a supply for wastewater treatment plant of industrial efluent in UAE. The capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is 300 m3/day.

  7. Look Beyond Five-Year Plans, MP Tells Water Industry

    The water industry needs to move beyond the five-year regulatory price review if it is to deliver for customers and the environment, Angela Smith MP told a gathering of over 200 water industry professionals at a British Water networking event.

  8. Modern Water Step Closer To Gibraltar’s First Ever Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Modern Water, owner of leading technologies for water and wastewater treatment and the monitoring of water quality, has submitted an application for planning permission to build Gibraltar's first ever wastewater treatment plant at an estimated cost (according to the planning application) of £25M/$32M.

  9. Fluence Awarded First Aspiral Project In Latin America

    Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce that it has received a US $1.7M contract to supply its Smart Products Solutions for a prominent international beverage producer that is a longtime repeat customer.

  10. Kurita Acquires U.S. Water Services, Inc., A Company Manufacturing And Selling Water Treatment Chemicals And Facilities

    Kurita Water Industries Ltd. announced recently that it has decided to acquire U.S. Water Services, Inc., a company that manufactures and sells water treatment chemicals and facilities.