Sludge and Biosolids Processing News

  1. U.S. EPA Announces $4M Available In San Francisco Bay Watershed Restoration Grants

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accepting proposals for approximately $4M in grant funding to protect and restore San Francisco Bay watersheds and wetlands.

  2. Barger Tech, Ltd. Announces The Launch Of Best Plan

    Barger Tech, Ltd., announces the launch of BEST Plan – a groundbreaking holistic approach to improving livestock waste-management systems, which will eliminate the Open-Air Waste Lagoon and Spray Field method of managing on-farm waste materials in the state of North Carolina.

  3. NETZSCH Announces Membership In Star Pump Alliance

    NETZSCH Pumps North America announces its membership in the Star Pump Alliance, an organization that works to assist professional users of pumps in selecting pump technology tailored to fit their specific applications.

  4. Metropolitan Water District Board Selects Gloria Gray As New Chairwoman

    Gloria D. Gray, a Los Angeles County water official with extensive experience in state, regional and local water issues, was today elected chairwoman of the board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

  5. New Research On Green Infrastructure Incentives For Private Property

    The Water Research Foundation has published new research to help utilities and municipalities incentivize the installation of green infrastructure (GI) on private property.

  6. Missouri American Water Joins MoWARN, A Statewide Water And Wastewater Emergency Management Network

    Missouri American Water is now more ready than ever to help in the event of a statewide emergency. The company has partnered with other water and wastewater providers across the state via the Missouri Rural Water Association to join MoWARN, an organization designed to allow members to borrow resources from other members on an as-needed basis for emergency management.

  7. Reliable One Resources Announces Purchase Of Ohio Disposal Well Facility

    Reliable One Resources, Inc., a provider of innovative water disposal and water recycling services, today announced the purchase of an existing, operating, water disposal and injection facility in Athens County, Ohio, a key milestone in the company’s strategy to collect and treat produced and flowback water for oil and gas operators throughout the United States.

  8. SUEZ’s Newest ZeeWeed 500 Membranes Bring Reliability And Flexibility To Small MBR Wastewater Treatment Plants

    SUEZ, through its Water Technologies & Solutions business unit, recently introduced the expansion of its ZeeWeed 500 family of membranes to address the needs of smaller membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants.

  9. Clean Water Act Dramatically Cut Pollution In U.S. Waterways

    The 1972 Clean Water Act has driven significant improvements in U.S. water quality, according to the first comprehensive study of water pollution over the past several decades, by researchers at UC Berkeley and Iowa State University.

  10. New Spheres Trick, Trap And Terminate Water Contaminant

    Rice University scientists have developed something akin to the Venus’ flytrap of particles for water remediation.