Pump Station Monitoring White Papers and Case Studies

  1. Pumping Up Safety, Efficiency, And A Smarter Design

    When Progress Energy learned about the opportunity to install new, more efficient and easier-to-maintain pump technology for less than they could rebuild their current pumps, the decision was simple.

  2. Case Study: Increased Pressure Removes 'Pressure' For Regional Sewer Authority
    Founded in 1925, the Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority (WCRSA) is a special purpose district of South Carolina, located in northwestern South Carolina. By The Gorman-Rupp Company
  3. Overcoming Water Scarcity Challenges On Providenciales Island

    The residents and industries of Providenciales Island are completely dependent on fresh water produced by a single desalination plant. In 2007, ITT Flowtronex was hired to replace the plant’s overworked pumping system and add a booster pumping station to the distribution system. One of the challenges they faced in designing controls for the system was how to maintain the public water supply while the island’s undersized ground water storage tanks were removed and replaced with a large single tank in the same location, a three to four month process. By Richard Embry and Christopher Little

  4. Case Study: The Town Of Walden Responds To Changing Measurement Needs

    As is the case in many municipalities these days, The Town of Walden’s water treatment plant needs changed over time. The town found it now had a requirement to measure finished water. The town’s original pump station design did not include a flow meter. By Mark Russell Water and Wastewater Superintendent The Town of Walden

  5. Case Study: Waterpilot FMX167 Coupled With RIA452 Process Indicator Control Lift Station Pump

    In wastewater collection systems, raw sewage flows through gravity sewers to lift stations, which transfer the waste to a higher elevation, facilitating transfer to a treatment plant. By Endress + Hauser, Inc.

  6. Rapid Custom Parts Delivery Gets Critical Pump Back Online

    The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) serves residents and vacationers in the Lake Tahoe area. Vaughan Co. provided a 50 HP, 1750-RPM model PE4P6CS-118 vertical pedestal chopper pump for the Carnelian Bay Pump Station to replace an existing pedestal pump, which was having difficulty with ragging. Vaughan Company

  7. The True Story Of Monsters In Barrow, Alaska

    The monsters aren’t vampires, they’re Muffin Monsters® — sewage grinders made by JWC Environmental in Costa Mesa, California and used to shred, grind and crush trash which finds its way into Barrow’s underground sewage system. By JWC Environmental

  8. Odor Control For Collection Systems Using Ionization And Oxidation

    Rapid urban growth, common to all regions of the United States and Canada, has dramatically increased the volume of human waste that must flow from residential dwellings to remote processing plants. This waste flows through a complicated system of piping and holding tanks known as the wastewater collection systems

  9. Piping Change Nearly Leaves Engineer Up The River Without A Paddle

    A short straight pipe run between a river water pumping station and a valve at the Eastman Chemical Company’s plant in Kingsport, TN, caused critical water flow measurement accuracy problems for the company

  10. Central Pumping Station, Niagara Falls, Ontario

    The Municipal Region of Niagara, located in Ontario, Canada, is known worldwide for its majestic water falls. The City is located on the Niagara River, facing Buffalo, NY. The City has a combined sewer system that had to evolve over the years in order to support the municipal development.