Pump Station Monitoring White Papers and Case Studies

  1. The True Story Of Monsters In Barrow, Alaska

    The monsters aren’t vampires, they’re Muffin Monsters® — sewage grinders made by JWC Environmental in Costa Mesa, California and used to shred, grind and crush trash which finds its way into Barrow’s underground sewage system. By JWC Environmental

  2. Odor Control For Collection Systems Using Ionization And Oxidation

    Rapid urban growth, common to all regions of the United States and Canada, has dramatically increased the volume of human waste that must flow from residential dwellings to remote processing plants. This waste flows through a complicated system of piping and holding tanks known as the wastewater collection systems

  3. Piping Change Nearly Leaves Engineer Up The River Without A Paddle

    A short straight pipe run between a river water pumping station and a valve at the Eastman Chemical Company’s plant in Kingsport, TN, caused critical water flow measurement accuracy problems for the company

  4. Central Pumping Station, Niagara Falls, Ontario

    The Municipal Region of Niagara, located in Ontario, Canada, is known worldwide for its majestic water falls. The City is located on the Niagara River, facing Buffalo, NY. The City has a combined sewer system that had to evolve over the years in order to support the municipal development.

  5. Case Study: New Pumps Make Excess Water Removal More Efficient For Power Generation Facility
    The Progress Energy Lee Plant, a power generation facility located in Goldsboro, NC, originally enlisted nine vertical sump pumps to assist in yard drainage. The pumps removed excess water that accumulated from rainfall and storm drains, equipment wash down, and general water overflow, and redirected it to a retention settlement basin. They featured a vertical design, wherein the motor is located above the pump, and a line shafts extends down into the length of the sump. As the pumps aged, they became increasingly expensive to maintain. Plant management began to question the long-term feasibility of efficiently maintaining the pumps to meet the plant's operational expectations
  6. Case Study: Increased Reliability And Reduced Costs Result In Savings Of $1 Million For ALCOSAN

    The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) required ALCOSAN to prepare a comprehensive plan in accordance with requirements of the Act 537 Comprehensive Sewage Facilities Plan...

  7. Case Study: City Of San Diego - COMNET Project

    In 1994, Westinghouse (now Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions) was selected by the City of San Diego's Metropolitan Wastewater Department for the Central Operations Management Network (COMNET) project -- a massive $1.4 billion dollar effort to upgrade its primary treatment facilities and construct two water reclamation plants, a sludge processing facility, and an operations center

  8. Case Study: New Biofiltration System, Featuring Small Footprint, Solves Major Odor Problem At Pump Station
    Complete case study from Biocube, Inc. tells how the installation of a Biofiltration System solved a major odor problem at a pump station.