Pump Station Monitoring News

  1. Mueller Co. Introduces Remote Pressure Monitoring System; Alerts Water Utilities Of Pressure Thresholds

    Mueller Co., North America's largest and only full-line supplier of potable water distribution products, has introduced a new remote pressure monitoring system for water distribution networks as part of its Intelligent Water Technology™ (IWT) portfolio of products and services that actively diagnose, monitor and control the delivery of safe, clean drinking water to consumers and businesses.

  2. Smith & Loveless Introduces Select-It™ Online Pump Selection Program

    Smith & Loveless introduces Select-It pump selection program, which offers consulting engineers the ability to design entire Smith & Loveless pump stations online in just minutes with 24/7 access.

  3. Global Pump Leader Launches Customer Newsletter

    Grundfos is now delivering a new and improved newsletter, Grundfos NEWS, to thousands of subscribers.

  4. Xylem’s YSI Brand 2900M Online Monitoring And Control System For The Optimization Of Bioprocess Development

    Xylem’s YSI brand will showcase the new 2900M Online Monitoring and Control System, featuring the YSI Sitini Online Sampler as a new and innovative solution to address the online monitoring needs of bioprocess applications.

  5. The 2014 Monitoring Period For World Water Monitoring Challenge Is Now Open

    World Water Day 2014 marked the start of this year’s monitoring period for World Water Monitoring Challenge (WWMC)—an international outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world.

  6. Grundfos Ready To Ship New Wastewater Packaged Lift Stations

    Grundfos announces that its SEG grinder pumps and packaged lift stations, which made their debut at WEFTEC 2013, are stocked and ready for sale in North America.

  7. Xylem’s Flygt Pumps Stabilise Shipwreck In South African Waters

    Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, played a key role in a recovery mission to stabilise a large cargo ship carrying 150,000 tons of coal that ran aground off the coast of South Africa.

  8. Grundfos Pumps Chosen For Efficiency Vermont’s High-Performance Pump Rebate Program

    Grundfos’ ultra-efficient ALPHA and MAGNA pumps have been designated to participate in Efficiency Vermont’s High-Performance Circulator Pump Program. The program promotes the installation of high efficiency pumps in Vermont homes and businesses.

  9. Xylem’s Flygt Experior Cuts Energy Use At Heathrow Airport Cargo Centre Pump Station By 50 Per Cent

    Xylem Inc. a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has reduced the energy consumption at Heathrow Airport’s cargo centre pump station by 50 per cent.

  10. Grundfos Introduces The Latest Design For Packaged Lift Stations

    Grundfos’ Packaged Lift Station is ideal for applications ranging from drainage and effluent pumping to heavy-duty sewage pumping.  Although other packaged lift stations require a concrete base to prevent floating, Grundfos’ innovative polyethylene design withstands uplift caused by high groundwater levels. A patented grinder system ensures extremely high efficiency and reliable operation, and all built-in components come in corrosion-resistant materials.