Pump Station Monitoring News

  1. Free Webinar: Wastewater Process Monitoring With The IQ SensorNet

    Join our free webinar! Register now and join Laura St. Pierre to learn how to make your job more efficient.

  2. KSB's Sewatec Pump: A Clean Way To Handle Dirty Jobs

    KSB promotes the Sewatec dry-installed volute casing pump. Used for wastewater transport and treatment, sludge handling, and storm water applications, among other uses, the Sewatec pump features a flexible hydraulic design to meet a multitude of conditions.

  3. Scottish Water Innovations Group Evaluates New Hosted VTScada/MultiSmart SCADA Solution

    Scottish Water’s Innovations Group has commissioned a demonstration rig with which to evaluate a new hosted SCADA solution using the Multitrode MultiSmart® pump station manager and Trihedral’s VTScada™monitoring & control software.

  4. Thermo Fisher Scientific To Distribute High-Capacity Hose Pumps And Reinforced Hoses From Environmental Pumping Solutions
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with U.K.-based Environmental Pumping Solutions Limited (EPS) in which Thermo Fisher will distribute the EPS Enviroflex™ L Series peristaltic hose pumps and reinforced hoses in the United States and select countries worldwide.
  5. World Water Monitoring Day Relaunches With New Name, Look, And Interactive Website
    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the International Water Association (IWA) proudly announce a relaunch of the popular World Water Monitoring Day public education and outreach program.
  6. New Vertical Auger Monster Screen Protects Pump Stations from Rags

    Wastewater pump stations face an influx of sewer clogging rags and debris, so JWC Environmental engineers developed the breakthrough vertical Auger Monster® screening system to fit inside cramped pump stations and provide complete pump protection.

  7. S&L Introduces StationComm™ — 2-Way Pump Station Communication

    Thanks to StationComm™, pump station monitoring and maintenance just got more efficient — and wireless. The cellular-based automated alarm texting system engineered by Smith & Loveless provides 2-way communication between user and pump station. Pump station operator professionals can now text pump stations to remotely operate and maintain the control panel. In addition, supervisors receive simultaneous messages while StationComm™ wirelessly sends sequential service messages to as many as ten different operators.

  8. Fieldgate For Remote Water Treatment Monitoring

    Monitor from the office to avoid weekly field visits to the site. Minimize future costs by using the best technology for remote operation.

  9. Vaughan Company Introduces Its Line Of Self Priming Chopper Pumps

    Vaughan Company introduces its line of Self Priming Chopper Pumps; ideally suited for lift stations, scum wells, portable cleanout, or any retrofits of clogging pumps.

  10. FLT Pump Protection Flow Switch Reduces Pump Maintenance And Extends Life

    Process and plant engineers attending the Pump Users Symposium will find the advanced FlexSwitch FLT93 Pump Protection Flow Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) reduces pump repair and extends pump life by detecting dry running conditions caused by irregular liquid flows or slurries.