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Making The World More Beautiful, One Facial-Care Treatment At A Time

Introducing the World's First Eco-Factory for Sheet Masks

Travel in Taiwan /PRNewswire/ - From the outside, building S11 greets visitors to southern Taiwan'sAgriculture and Biotech Park with its stunning metal surface, which, over time, changes from salmon pink to orange and red interspersed with brassy yellow, blue, and purple. This rectangular, three-storied building, set in a natural landscape, is shaded by native and medicinal plants, and it overlooks a natural lake, with dozens of fish and birds. Surprisingly, this is not a tourist attraction—it is, in fact, the world's first eco-factory devoted to making facial masks.

TCI's S11 building has been designed to co-exist with the natural environment and to promote eco-friendliness. It is "green" from the ground up, from its underground water infiltration system to its rooftop solar panels and its green houses, which are home to various endangered plants and medicinal herbs that help cut down on the amount of heat entering the building. In order to save even more energy, S11 is constructed on an east-west axis, so the sun mostly hits the shorter walls, while the longer walls with French windows welcome in natural light. In addition, carefully selected trees and bamboo walls surround the building and serve as climate modifiers, reducing temperatures and energy costs.

Inside the factory, S11 is equipped with industrial heat pumps. Essentially, a heat pump works as a heat transporter and operates in two modes: cooling and heating. In heating mode, the pump draws heat from the outside environment to an enclosed space; in cooling mode, it transfers heat to the outside environment, much like an air conditioner. By properly directing and transporting heat, the heat pump system offers an energy-efficient alternative to the furnaces or boilers and air conditioners that are essential to the operations at S11.

When visitors enter the center of S11, they are greeted by a series of exposed pipes and valves along the main corridor, which may come as a bit of a surprise. By way of explanation, in the cosmetic business, water is used in the formulation of virtually every type of product. As a result, S11 is proud to showcase its world-class water-treatment facilities. With the implementation of state-of-the-art RO membranes, EDI stacks, and ultrafiltration (UF) devices, the water used at S11 is of the highest purity and quality. S11's water-treatment facilities are certified with ISO 22716, and have been designed with environmental sustainability in mind, guaranteeing water free of toxins, pollutants, and microbes.

In order to optimize the production of facial masks, S11 features fully–automated production lines that require only two people to operate at the factory's maximum capacity. This not only reduces labor costs by 95 percent, but also eliminates human errors while guaranteeing precision, stability, and high-quality production, all crucial features for brands looking for a product developer and manufacturer. As a matter of fact, TCI is a core partner of over 350 brands across 42 countries and one of the leading contract manufacturing and private label companies.

Another eye-catching and creative element is the TCI Library, which can be found on three walls of the factory's lobby. This library holds over 50,000 prominent collections dedicated to nutraceutical and cosmeceutical subjects, including a rich and varied selection of printed volumes, digital resources, and media and archival materials. According to TCI, going green is like reading a book: you can always find beauty in it, and it is a gift that enables you to experience enjoyment over and over again.

TCI's eco commitment encompasses a wide range of initiatives, including the development of technologies that support a low-carbon lifestyle and the adoption of sustainable business practices throughout the entire company. In specific, S11 has focused on three key areas—reducing energy consumption by 65 percent, water consumption by 30 percent, and carbon emissions by 30 percent. According to TCI, S11 is the first facial-mask factory with the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Gold Certification.

"Although the environment continues to deteriorate in many parts of the world, we still have the choice to make the world more beautiful. We can all help reduce the impact of this alarming trend and ensure environmental sustainability, one facial-care treatment at a time," stated TCI's chairman Vincent Lin.

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