Odor Control Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Effective Odor Control In A Low Pressure Sewer System

    When the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County received odor complaints from a residential subdivision, Evoqua provided a rapid, cost-effective solution.

  2. Odor Problems Solved At Santa Margarita Water District’s Chiquita Water Reclamation Plant In Orange County, CA

    Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) is the second largest water district in Orange County, California, providing water and wastewater services to more than 155,000 residents and commercial enterprises. When a new housing development was planned adjacent to SMWD’s 9.0 MGD Chiquita Water Reclamation Plant, the District initiated plans for enhanced odor control solutions. District staff identified the primary process area (grit removal and primary clarifiers) as a significant contributor to odor emissions.

  3. I-BOx® 6000 Biological Odor Control System Removes Odors From Laguna SOCWA Lift Station

    After decades in service, the wet well at the Laguna Southwest Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) lift station became dilapidated. The project included a hybrid manhole/junction structure that would also serve as the bypass wet well during the rehabilitation work. Upon completion of the wet well rehabilitation, the temporary sewage bypass pumping system was removed and normal lift station operation was restored.

  4. Wastewater Facility In Missouri Tackles Foul Wastewater Treatment Odors Safely And Effectively

    Serving nearly 16,000 customers, a large-scale wastewater treatment facility in Missouri manages a complex sewer system, and has to contend with regional growth where more residential houses and commercial facilities have been built close to the facility. As a result, foul odor complaints from neighbors continue to increase, and the local town council found itself in need of fully addressing this issue.

  5. Easy To Digest: H2S Removal Rids City Of Lift Station Odors

    A constant problem in many wastewater collection systems is the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the lift stations as well as from biofilms further downstream in the delivery piping to the wastewater treatment plant. DO2E representatives suggested that the City of Taylorville (IL) use their proprietary digesters equipped with an ozone (O3) capability to remove this problem from our system.

  6. Mapping And Identifying The Source Of Water Quality Issues

    A Southern U.S. municipality experiencing taste and odor issues in a certain neighborhood was also having difficulty maintaining chlorine residual levels in the area. Biological growth was suspected, however, water leaving the treatment plant met and exceeded all water quality requirements. After several investigations, the source of contamination in the distribution system could still not be identified.

  7. Solar-Powered Circulators Turn Around WWTP Lagoon’s Issues

    For years, the wastewater treatment plant in Villa Mercedes, David City, Panama emitted harsh odors and created a rampant mosquito population, a situation the neighboring residents found impossible to deal with. Treatment at the plant needed improvement to successfully treat up to 4.6 million gallons of wastewater per day, eliminate harsh odors and reduce the mosquito population.

  8. WWTP’s Screw Press Reduces Odors, Saves Money, And Takes Up Less Physical Space

    A WWTP chooses a new screw press that takes up less than half the space that the old belt press had occupied. This was striking for the operations team but not as striking as the fraction of time they needed to spend managing the screw press.

  9. IMS Biological Odor Control Systems Protects The 2013 Sustainable GCC Project-Of-The-Year From Odors

    Olayan Voltas Contracting Company was awarded the 2013 “Sustainable GCC Project-of-the-Year” by MEP Middle East magazine for the utility complex at Al Bustan Village, a brand new residential community north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  10. I-BOx®6000 Biological Odor Control System Eliminates Severe Odors At California Shopping Center
    The City of Carlsbad needed a sustainable, environmentally friendly odor control solution with a proven technology offering maximum value measured by performance, reliability, capital, installation, maintenance, and operating costs.