Odor Control Case Studies and White Papers

  1. WWTP Overcomes Odor Issue

    The City of Crystal Lake is located about 45 miles northwest of Chicago with a population of nearly 45,000 people. Like many wastewater treatment plants, urban sprawl and suburban development puts the Crystal Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant near a host of commercial and residential neighbors, including a high school immediately west of the plant. Plant managers were very forward thinking, and wanted to be good neighbors to those occupying the surrounding area. They wanted to take steps to reduce — and hopefully eliminate completely — any odor issues from the plant.

  2. A New Paradigm In Aeration Technology

    The DO2E organization sprang from one individual’s attempt to solve an aeration problem in a fish hatchery and realizing that his device to do so had many other applications as well. This device broke up algal blooms as well as aerating, and it was only a short step to modify it into breaking up FOG (fats, oils, and grease) deposits in grease traps and lift stations. This device was patented, thus DO2E was born.

  3. Odor Control For The City Of Houston

    A supersaturated side-stream process (SDOX-CS®) was successfully deployed at temporary and permanent locations throughout the City of Houston for the effective control of collection system odors.