Nutrient Removal Podcasts

  1. Intensification Concept At Wastewater Plants Explained

    Carollo Engineers, an environmental engineering firm that specializes solely on the planning, design, and construction of water and wastewater facilities has identified five major trends in the industry.

  2. Enhanced Primary Treatment Reduces Energy By Separating BOD Before Aeration

    At WEFTEC 2016, Evoqua Water Technologies explored six core challenges faced by wastewater treatment plants -- energy reduction, nutrient removal, odor and corrosion control, aging plant equipment, water reuse and disinfection. In this Water Online Radio interview, Paul Rice, Municipal Marketing Director with Evoqua Water Technologies, discusses energy reduction and nutrient removal in more detail.

  3. Primary Filtration Using Cloth Media Filtration Technology

    Since 1969, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the design, application and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment and systems for municipal and industrial markets, worldwide. They are most noted for the Aqua SBR, the sequencing batch reactor, biological process, as well as now our cloth media filters.

  4. Phosphorus Recovery And Revolutionary Algae

    Phosphorus recovery from wastewater and a newly-developed algae product that doesn’t require photosynthesis are the latest examples of intense product development within Ovivo. In this Water Online radio interview, Jim Porteous, Ovivo’s Vice President and General Manager, explains some of the changes he is seeing in the industry that are fueling the Company’s focus for the future.

  5. Keeping Your Eye On The Bugs

    As the industry’s most common and affordable method, biological treatment lies at the heart of the wastewater cleaning process. Treatment plants harness the power of nature by utilizing organisms that accelerate nutrient removal, eliminating carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

  6. Nutrient Removal In Cold Temperatures

    Cold temperatures add another layer of challenges to nutrient removal. In this Water Online Radio interview, Martin Hildebrand, the president of Nelson Environmental, talks about the cold temperature applications in Canada and how new technology can help.

  7. From Burden To Blessing: The Value of Resource Recovery

    The name “wastewater” doesn’t accurately describe water that has been used, says Jim Porteous, from Ovivo. 

  8. How To Determine The Right Dosage For Any Chemical

    Understanding exactly how much of each chemical is needed is critical.  Too much, and chemicals and money are wasted, too little, there is a risk of not being in compliance with regulations.

  9. Climate Change, Nutrient Issues Among Top Threats For The Future

    After working for six years with The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread on solutions to emerging threats in the water sector — climate change and nutrient pollution among them — Lynn Broaddus, director of The Johnson Foundation’s Environment Programs, shares her outlook for the future.

  10. A Commitment To Employee Ownership

    Ryan Spanton, Regional Sales Manager with WesTech Engineering, talks about the company’s focus on customers as brand advocates and other trends for the water and wastewater industries.