Phosphorus Recovery And Revolutionary Algae

Source: Ovivo

Phosphorus recovery from wastewater and a newly-developed algae product that doesn’t require photosynthesis are the latest examples of intense product development within Ovivo. In this Water Online radio interview, Jim Porteous, Ovivo’s Vice President and General Manager, explains some of the changes he is seeing in the industry that are fueling the Company’s focus for the future.

“We are seeing a lot more openness to change, a lot more willingness to embrace new technologies and essentially ways to create more value out of wastewater rather than just treating it,” states Porteous. “We are looking at that and trying to bring in technologies to support that effort.”

Porteous sees change being driven by necessity as communities start investing in recycling wastewater as traditional supplies literally dry up. “We can’t forget the fact that we’ve invested a huge amount of money in infrastructure,” Porteous explains. “What we’ve got to do is repurpose those assets and actually utilize them and make sure we get full value out of them for the next 40 or 50 years rather than just saying okay we have to replace everything.”

With 17,000 pieces of equipment installed, Ovivo is focused on bringing to market solutions that will help customers reuse their existing assets. To learn more about this process and the new technologies announced at WEFTEC.15, click on the audio player below:

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