Intensification Concept At Wastewater Plants Explained

Intensification Concept At Wastewater Plants Explained

Carollo Engineers, an environmental engineering firm that specializes solely on the planning, design, and construction of water and wastewater facilities has identified five major trends in the industry.

The three strongest trends, according the John Fraser, Wastewater Practice Director for Carollo, are nutrient removal and recovery, energy conservation and production, and a concept called intensification, which involves making treatment facilities better, cheaper, faster, and in a smaller footprint.

“We combine that with sustainability and community asset principles,” stated Fraser in a recent Water Online Radio interview, “and you can almost say those are the things going on in the industry today -- a lot of research work, a lot of equipment development and process development in those areas.”

To learn more about the concept of intensification and how it could apply to your operations, listen here:

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