1. Revolutionary Sludge Management Comes To America

    Wastewater utilities have a new opportunity to turn their sludge (biosolids) into something special.

  2. 'Peecycle' Please: Will Urine Separation For Nutrient Recovery Take Off?

    Is it feasible to separate nutrient-rich urine before it reaches the wastewater treatment plant?

  3. 3 Alternative Nutrient-Removal Techniques

    With a little help from water-quality managers, Mother Nature can do the job of remediating impaired or at-risk watersheds, while making them more resilient to nutrient loading.

  4. Shortcut Nitrogen Removal: The Next Big Thing In Wastewater

    A vast improvement on conventional biological nutrient removal could save the wastewater treatment industry untold millions.

  5. 5 Reasons To Consider Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

    The economic and environmental costs of treating all wastewater at a centralized location can be a burden. At what point does decentralized treatment make more sense?

  6. The Surprising Answer To Nutrient Removal

    Algae has caused a lot of trouble in the water industry in recent years. But new research may just redeem the water industry foe.

  7. A Big Deal For Chicago Wastewater… And The Future Of Nutrient Recovery

    The world’s largest wastewater treatment plant makes a bold move from nutrient removal to nutrient recovery. Will others follow?

  8. Save Nutrients, Save The World

    While regulations demand that wastewater treatment plants get nutrients out of the water, the world’s food supply may demand more — that we recover and reuse them.

  9. The 'Cap And Trade' Approach To Nutrient Removal

    Forget “low-tech” — nutrient trading provides a no-tech solution for municipalities to gain compliance with effluent discharge requirements for nitrogen and phosphorus. The Mount Joy Borough Authority, profiled in this case study, was an early adopter and a model for a program that is gaining in popularity.

  10. A Step-By-Step Approach To Nutrient Removal

    As stricter ammonia and nitrate regulations get rolled out, the City of Boulder rolls right along with them, improving nutrient removal plant processes in stages to ensure continued compliance.