Latest Insights on Water Reuse

  1. 10 Technologies And Breakthroughs From ACE16

    This year's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE16), held by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) from June 19 to 22, was the first following the tragedy of Flint — a time when the drinking water industry is under intense scrutiny.

  2. Agricultural Reuse Projects Offer A Glimpse Into The Future Of Water

    The WaterReuse Association and Water Environment & Reuse Foundation have teamed with Pentair to highlight new ways that water recycling can be utilized to improve agricultural practices.

  3. Superpower Of Water Research Takes Flight

    While two longstanding water research groups are discontinued, from them a bigger and better organization emerges. Get to know the changing face of water research through this Q&A with Melissa Meeker, CEO of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.

  4. Opportunity To Evaluate Three Technologies For Achieving Class A Biosolids With Reduced Capital And Operating Costs

    The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation has a significant opportunity for municipal water resource recovery facilities seeking to upgrade their solids treatment systems to produce Class A biosolids in a cost-effective and technically sound manner.

  5. Electrowinning 101: What Is Electrowinning?

    Electrowinning is a widely used technology in modern metal recovery, mining, refining, and wastewater treatment applications.

  6. How Prevalent Is Legionella In Recycled Water?

    Recently, Dr. Mark LeChevallier, vice president and chief environmental officer for American Water, participated in a webinar hosted by the WateReuse Pacific Northwest and the WateReuse Research Foundation.  He presented findings on the prevalence of Legionella in recycled water.

  7. Ozone-Biologically Active Filtration For Potable Reuse In California's Inland Communities: Benefits And Barriers

    California’s inland communities have been hit hard by four years of drought, lower groundwater levels, and reduced allocations from the State Water Project.

  8. BlueTech Forum Reveals Water Technology Future

    Technologies which could transform the shape of the water industry of the future will be on show at the fifth BlueTech Forum, to be held in San Francisco.

  9. The Ultimate Guide To Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    Most people are now familiar with the 3 R's of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. By following four similar principles — Recover, Reduce, Recycle, and Rescue — industries can further minimize raw resource requirements, eliminate waste disposal fees, and increase margins, all while promoting circular economies.

  10. “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” Looks Into Water Technologies

    The Government Accountability Office recently assessed technologies that can potentially save the U.S. from water stress, focusing on distribution efficiency and the treatment of nontraditional sources. We provide a snapshot of GAO’s findings, including technology pros and cons, “readiness” rates, and levels of adoption.