From the Editor

  1. Cape Town May Be First Major City To Run Out Of Water

    Though this time of year typically means an abundance of water supplies throughout the U.S., a major foreign city is having to contend with the possibility that it will run out of water entirely.

  2. Bicycle, Construction Material Among Oddities In New York City Sewers

    The latest report to encourage the public’s fascination with what ends up in the nation’s sewers contains some oddities, along with things that knowledgeable wastewater pros would consider standard fare.

  3. Report Outlines Dire Conditions Of New Jersey Water/Wastewater Infrastructure

    As communities all over the country continue to deal with aging and failing infrastructure, a report in New Jersey outlines just how desperate the situation is.

  4. 3 Water/Wastewater Efficiency Trends To Watch In 2018

    2018 is sure to be marked with advancements that make water and wastewater treatment more efficient and sustainable. To keep up with the areas best poised for improvement this year, here is a look at three practices that are in need of change.

  5. Universities In Iowa, Ohio Receive Toxic Algae Research Grants

    With some federal help, researchers at Iowa State University (ISU) and Ohio State University (OSU) are looking to build up defenses against toxic algae growth in source waters.

  6. State Raises Concerns Over Flint’s Lack Of Water System Staff

    Officials in the state of Michigan have voiced concern over the City of Flint’s ability to manage its water system, more than two years since it startled struggling with lead contamination.

  7. The Top 3 Treatment Stories Of 2017 And What They Mean For 2018

    Last year was full of twists and turns for the drinking water and wastewater treatment industries. What can 2017’s biggest stories tell us about what’s to come this year?

  8. EPA Overstates Its Work On Superfund Cleanup

    Though the current U.S. EPA administration is boasting about its action to clean up the nation’s Superfund sites, it appears that it has not done as much as implied.

  9. New Research Improves Potential For Dairy Wastewater Resource Recovery

    In 2017, society made great strides in utilizing the natural resources found in wastewater. If this recent project is any indication, 2018 will see even more efforts to do so.

  10. Microbe-Filled Beads Could Be Biosolids Solution For Wastewater Plants

    A new chemical solution has emerged that might help wastewater treatment operations deal with biosolids.