From the Editor

  1. Ohio River Protections No Longer Mandatory

    The Ohio River, which runs through or borders six different states, will no longer have mandatory pollution standards overseen by a multi-state agency.

  2. Initial Funding For Billion-Dollar Missouri River Pipeline Secured

    Solving water scarcity issues can be an expensive proposition. Desalination, for instance, is a notoriously energy-intensive process that requires significant investment in technology and equipment.

  3. Death In Baltimore Traced To Collapsed Catwalk In Wastewater Facility

    Following a tragic accident in a Baltimore wastewater treatment facility, a local Department of Public Works (DPW) employee has been found dead.

  4. Houston's $1.76B Treatment Plant To Be Among Nation's Largest

    Houston has had more than its fair share of water issues in recent history, most notably a water quality crisis following Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Now, the city is making progress on a gargantuan drinking water treatment plant (WTP) expansion to change that narrative — at least on the drinking water side.

  5. Hackers Hold Baltimore’s Public Services, Including Water, Hostage

    In a sign of just how critical the digital grid has become, the City of Baltimore is currently being held hostage by cybercriminals following a data breach. Baltimore has been combating the cyberattack for weeks and, among the trove of disruptions it has caused, there has been a direct impact on residents’ water bills and related data.

  6. Dam Protecting Disneyland, Orange County At 'High Urgency' For Flooding Risk

    In the event of a major storm in Southern California, the “Happiest Place on Earth” may become substantially less so.

  7. More Than 300 Public Water Systems Serve Unsafe Water In California

    Some of California’s struggles with drinking water are well known. The state’s ongoing drought conditions and the difficulties around providing enough supply for residents are usually spread across headlines.

  8. Salem, Oregon To Invest $75M In Cyanotoxin Defenses

    Warming weather can be a cause for concern at drinking water utilities around the country where summer temperatures mean the return of toxic algal blooms.

  9. D.C. Pursues Ambitious Flood Resiliency Plan

    In the face of rising sea levels, structures near source water bodies are increasingly under threat of flood damage. Now, an ambitious plan in Washington, D.C. will be the first of its kind to take major steps to protect against that danger.

  10. Body Found At Birmingham Pump Station

    A maintenance check turned surprisingly grim last week at a Birmingham Water Works facility in Alabama.