From the Editor

  1. Regulators, Treatment Authority Disagree On How To Remove Alabama’s PFCs

    Access to clean drinking water may be a fundamental human right, but that doesn’t mean the occasional dispute over how to achieve this won’t appear. In Alabama, a spat involving two counties, a state environmental enforcer, and a private company has emerged over just that.

  2. Cocaine In Wastewater Affecting London’s Wild Eels

    As one of the most bizarre consequences from stormwater overflow you’ll ever see, cocaine residue in the River Thames has been making eels hyperactive.

  3. Trump Supporters, Critics Butt Heads Over Reasons For Sharp Decline In EPA Penalties

    After two years under President Trump, the number of civil penalties issued by the U.S. EPA for polluters has dropped significantly.

  4. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates Back Solar Panels That Extract Water From Air

    With backing from two of the biggest tech entrepreneurs in American history, a new solar-powered solution to water scarcity has raised a massive amount of money.

  5. Michigan Sugar Co. Ordered To Pay Millions For 'Unreasonable' Odor Issues

    After allegations of undue wastewater odors, excess debris, and runoff complaints, Michigan Sugar Co. has agreed to pay $300,000 in fines, make millions of dollars in operational improvements, and contribute to nearby environmental projects.

  6. Wastewater Contractor Suffers Fatal Accident At Plant

    Another grim reminder of the potential danger in wastewater treatment work has surfaced in Indiana.

  7. With Massive Federal Investment, Desalination May Cure Ongoing Drought

    The latest solution for national water scarcity may seem like a major technical challenge, but with a nine-figure investment and federal backing, it could be a gamechanger.

  8. Judge Orders Jersey City To Compensate Sewerage Authority For Decades Of Outsourcing

    Following a controversy that dates back over one hundred years, Jersey City’s water and sewer system operator will soon have to pay millions for outsourcing its wastewater treatment operations.

  9. With 'Jaw-Dropping' Lead Levels, Newark Mayor Appeals To Trump For Help

    In a sign of just how problematic aging water infrastructure still is for major cities around the country, a National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) spokesperson described lead levels in Newark’s drinking water as “jaw-dropping” and “knock-your-socks-off high.”

  10. Sioux City Wastewater Plant Supervisor Caught Masking E. Coli Samples, Will Plead Guilty

    Following federal charges that he manipulated water sample test results to mask plant discharges, the ex-supervisor of a wastewater treatment plant in Sioux City, IA, plans to plead guilty.