From the Editor

  1. How Algae Is Turning Nutrient Removal Problems Into Profits

    Researchers from Iowa have developed a system that utilizes algae for wastewater nutrient removal and gives utilities a chance to offset costs with the process.

  2. A Guide For Effective Utility Management

    Updates to a seminal document for running water and wastewater utilities as efficiently as possible call for review by those facing new obstacles.

  3. Making America’s Water Utilities Great

    This January, a national leader emerged with a plan to shake up the status quo, touting a “business” approach to rectify historic “inadequacies” of our system. And we should all be on board with the plan, because it means potentially great things for the water and wastewater industry.

  4. 6 Ways To Improve Payment Performance

    With rising regulatory and infrastructure costs, it’s more important than ever for water and wastewater utilities to collect what they’re owed from ratepayers. But how can they go about improving collection?

  5. Seattle Area Struggles After Flood Takes Out Waste Plant

    Last month, Washington’s West Point treatment plant was hit with heavy rains and flooding, leading to catastrophic damage and a multi-million-dollar price tag for repairs.

  6. What The 'Super Bowl Flush' Means For Wastewater Treatment

    It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is an event that transcends sports to engulf the worlds of advertising, music, and pop culture. It may surprise people to learn that the game is an annual focus for wastewater treatment operations as well.

  7. Will Water And Wastewater Treatment In The Oil And Gas Industry Change Under Trump?

    With the change in administration comes a potential paradox for water and wastewater treatment in the oil and gas industry: Will increased production accompanied by decreased regulations call for more treatment technology or less? Either way, the market is poised for change.

  8. Thinking Big On Nutrient Removal

    A new public-private project involving a major Maryland utility seeks to reduce nutrients at the source with a comprehensive construction project.

  9. California And Potable Reuse’s Sustainable Momentum

    A new recycled water project in California is moving forward with plans to bolster the local drinking water supply.

  10. What Happens When Water Becomes Unaffordable?

    Researchers project that water services will become unaffordable for over a third of American households in the near future. What does it really mean for so many to be priced out of a fundamental necessity?