Flushables White Papers and Case Studies

  1. Flygt Experior™ Pump System Helps Louisiana Lift Station Overcome Clogging Problems

    Jefferson Parish, Louisiana extends along a 15-mile wide corridor west of and upriver from New Orleans. As demonstrated by the recent Hurricane Isaac, the Parish is vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes from June through November in a region already known for high rainfall events throughout the year.

  2. New Report On Clogging And Throughlet Size

    Pump manufacturers have traditionally believed that pump clogging can be avoided by making the internal pump throughlet equal to or larger than what can be flushed down a toilet. By Isabelle Kliger

  3. Case Study: Connecticut Town Benefits From Retrofit With The X-PELLER®
    The X-PELLER® is an S&L impeller upgrade that is specifically designed to pass high volumes of unusual trashy items through S&L pump stations. It is also available on new pump stations. By Smith & Loveless, Inc.
  4. Case Study: X-PELLER® Eliminates Hand Wipe Clogs With Ease
    Designed to bring practicality and ease to daily, personal sanitary needs, increasingly durable disposable hand wipes have been making a mess with wastewater pump stations. By Smith & Loveless, Inc.
  5. Lift Stations: Attacking The 'New Sewage' With Vaughan Chopper Pumps

    Disposable, throw-away products are making raw sewage pumping tougher than ever. The Jefferson Street Pump Station at the City of Centralia, WA had a problem demanding a cost-effective solution. By Glenn Dorsch, P.E, VP/Chief Engineer, Vaughan Co. Inc.