Drinking Water Source

  1. Initial Funding For Billion-Dollar Missouri River Pipeline Secured

    Solving water scarcity issues can be an expensive proposition. Desalination, for instance, is a notoriously energy-intensive process that requires significant investment in technology and equipment.

  2. More Than 300 Public Water Systems Serve Unsafe Water In California

    Some of California’s struggles with drinking water are well known. The state’s ongoing drought conditions and the difficulties around providing enough supply for residents are usually spread across headlines.

  3. Salem, Oregon To Invest $75M In Cyanotoxin Defenses

    Warming weather can be a cause for concern at drinking water utilities around the country where summer temperatures mean the return of toxic algal blooms.

  4. TITAN MBR™ Ultrafiltration Provides Private Development Site With Water Reuse Capabilities

    When developers of a condominium complex sourced wastewater treatment systems, it did so with two primary requirements: efficient land utilization and high effluent quality to meet stringent guidelines. State regulators advised the developers to discuss combining its wastewater system with the owner’s association of an adjacent housing development, whose existing wastewater treatment system was aging and required augmentation.

  5. Pennsylvania To Test 350 Water Systems For PFAS Contamination

    This month, Pennsylvania will begin sampling more than 350 public water systems in an effort mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to curb per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) contamination.

  6. Cooling Towers Are Not The Problem — Or At Least They Don’t Have To Be

    Water quite literally flows through every facet of life, being the key element for everyone and everything on Earth. The world’s population is increasing at 1.1 percent (roughly 83 million) every year, an incredible and alarming rate straining the world’s fresh water supply. The increasing pressures between what humanity demands and what is currently available emphasizes the importance of conservation.

  7. Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated With 1,4-Dioxane - Tucson, Arizona (Case Study)

    The TrojanUVPhox™ installation at Tucson's Advanced Oxidation Process Water Treatment Facility treats 1,4-dioxane and produces water that is blended and then treated at the neighboring Tucson Airport Remediation Project facility. This purified water is supplied to nearly 50,000 end users.

  8. In Aspen, Avalanches Threaten Water Security

    Colorado has its fair share of water security issues, with population growth and climate change affecting its primary source.

  9. Trump Approves Colorado River Drought Plan

    Some of the American West’s most critical sources for drinking water have received new government protection.

  10. How Lost Shipping Containers Factor Into The Global Ocean Pollution Problem

    It took decades to solve the mystery of Garfield phones that were polluting French beaches. Turns out a load of the novelty item, modeled after the popular orange cartoon character, was slowly being purged from a shipping container that had been lost at sea. That begs the question: Are shipping containers like these polluting global waterways at alarming rates?