Drinking Water Products

  1. TaKaDu

    TaKaDu is a leading provider of Integrated Event Management solution, enabling water utilities to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses utility data, translating it into actionable insights and transforming the way water networks operate. The solution offers a comprehensive decision-making platform that can be integrated across the utility from the analyst monitoring the network to the executive team considering long-term strategic investments.

  2. Downdraft Grinding Tables

    Tri-Mer’s Wet Station Downdraft Grinding Tables feature a grated work surface and a height-adjustable workstation.

  3. InfoWater: Comprehensive ArcGIS-Integrated Water Distribution Modeling And Management Solution

    InfoWater seamlessly integrates advanced water network modeling and optimization functionality with the latest generation of ArcGIS. InfoWater capitalizes on the intelligence and versatility of the geodatabase architecture to deliver unparalleled levels of geospatial analysis, infrastructure management and business planning. Its unique interoperable geospatial framework enables world-record performance, scalability, reliability, functionality and flexibility - all within the powerful ArcGIS environment.

  4. CO/CO2 Analyzer (CO, CO2, H2O)

    LGR's new CO/CO2 Analyzer simultaneously measures ambient levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor with extraordinary precision in real time.  Of course, higher precision may be achieved with modest averaging.  (For simultaneous measurements of N2O and CO, please refer to LGR's N2O/CO Analyzer.) The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require any cryogens or consumables. In addition, the Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor mixing ratios with very high precision and accuracy. As a result, the instrument also reports the measured gases on a dry mole fraction basis accurately in real time without the need for sample drying, empirical corrections, or any post processing.

  5. High-Containment Conical Mill

    Hanningfield’s Uni-Mill conical screen mill can be designed to be a completely closed system, through the incorporation of split butterfly valves, a closed loop vacuum transfer system, or glove box milling.

  6. Peripheral Drive Clarifiers

    Schreiber’s Peripheral Drive Clarifiers are favored because of their ability to accomplish rapid sludge removal and continuous collection and removal of floatables. Instead of the typical center-drive high torque arrangement, Schreiber Clarifiers utilize the mechanical leverage and mechanical simplicity of a peripherally driven system. A low horsepower single drive unit is all that is needed to rotate both the scraper and the skimming assemblies. The assemblies are suspended from a rotating access bridge or, in the case of smaller units, a lightweight rotating beam arm. The rotating skimming equipment removes floatables regardless of wind direction, and the helical scrapers convey settled solids to the center of the basin for removal in one revolution or less.

  7. Methane Analyzer (CH4, H2O) - Ultraportable

    LGR’s new ground-breaking Ultra-Portable Methane Analyzer (UMA) reports measurements of methane and water vapor simultaneously in a package that is compact and crushproof. Small enough to be carried on-board aircraft (TSA approved size) and requiring only 60 watts, the UMA travels anywhere, initiates data collection within 100 seconds after power up, and opens up new opportunities to accurately and precisely measure methane with ease.

  8. PerkinElmer Signals™ Medical Review

    See our exciting new solution for medical monitors, PerkinElmer Signals™ Medical Review which empowers clinical development teams and medical monitors to detect safety signals faster and reduce time to submission by combining innovative medical review workflow with advanced analytics.

  9. 8869V3 Pathfinder Locating System

    RYCOM equipment is well know for ease of operation while still providing all the features necessary to meet the challenges of the toughest locate. RYCOM Instruments understands the needs of our customers and the demands in the field. Designed and proven to be dependable for years of reliable field service, RYCOM equipment not only provides up-front cost savings, but also low ownership cost over the product’s life.

  10. Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (CH4, CO2, H2O)

    LGR's Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (model GGA-24EP) is the world's most advanced instrument for simultaneous measurements of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O).