Drinking Water Distribution News

  1. Smart Water Meter: Conservation Labs Launches H2know, An Affordable Innovative Water Meter And App For Preventing Leaks, Saving Consumers Money

    Seeking to save consumers about $250 a year in water-related expenses, Conservation Labs, is introducing H2know, an affordable, innovative smart water meter that is easy to install and access through an app.

  2. Under Consent Order, Pittsburgh Looks To Speed Up Lead Line Replacement

    Withstanding a difficult 2017, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) now has its sights set on improvements to its lead water lines in the near future.

  3. An Act Of Hospitality: PWCSA A Good Neighbor To Sentara Hospital

    The Prince William County Service Authority worked with Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center on Opitz Boulevard during the week of Thanksgiving to repair a water main break and provide water to the facility’s emergency room.

  4. Michigan Community Sets Aggressive Lead Service Line Replacement Precedent

    As locales all over the country wrestle with lead contamination in their drinking water, one Michigan community is taking an aggressive approach to the problem.

  5. San Diego’s Post-Drought Water Woes: Lead, Sewage, Non-Revenue Water

    Despite the fact that California’s drought is over, San Diego’s water worries have not evaporated.

  6. U.S. EPA To Hear Recommendations For Changes To Lead And Copper Rule

    According to recent reports, one of the U.S. EPA’s fundamental regulations may be getting tweaked in the near future.

  7. Water Fountain At EPA Headquarters Spews Black Sewage

    In an ironic incident that bolstered critics of the agency, water fountains at the U.S. EPA headquarters were spewing black sewage earlier this month.

  8. Wyoming, Nebraska Mull Drinking Water Pipeline Project

    To circumvent some pervasive water quality issues, two Midwestern states may team up on an ambitious infrastructure project.

  9. Can Microtrenching Reduce Water Main Breaks?

    Google Fiber has caused some headaches for water utilities because installing superfast internet connections sometimes breaks water and sewer lines.

  10. Water Companies Admit To Using Divining Rods For Leak Detection

    Water companies in the U.K. are using a questionable method for leak detection.