Drinking Water Distribution News

  1. Sensus Reach Conference Unites Leaders To Help Build The Utility Of The Future

    For those seeking to create the utility of the future, the process begins now. For many, it’s already underway.

  2. No Permanent Fix In Sight For Lead In Drinking Water

    Although it’s been months since lead contamination issues in Flint, MI made national headlines, communities around the country still struggle with dangerous drinking water finding its way into homes.

  3. Kenneth Bockhorst Appointed Chief Operating Officer Of Badger Meter

    Badger Meter, Inc. recently announced that it has appointed Kenneth C. Bockhorst, 44, to the newly created position of senior vice president and chief operating officer. Bockhorst brings more than 20 years of experience in global operations management to Badger Meter, the only major independent water meter manufacturer in the United States 

  4. Massive Las Vegas Pipeline Plan Needs More Work

    A controversial proposal for a massive pipeline to bring water to Las Vegas has hit some turbulence.

  5. SwRI Study Links Groundwater With Surface Water In Devils River

    A Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) study provides detailed models linking groundwater in a Texas aquifer to the surface flows in one of the state’s most pristine rivers.

  6. San Diego Fights Water Bill Shock With Investigative Team

    San Diego has implemented a program to address water bill shock, a problem for many utilities that occurs when the unexpected size of a water bill surprises a customer.

  7. Kamstrup Receives New Order Of Intelligent Water Meters In UAE

    Federal Electricity and Water Authority, who provides more than 300,000 customers in the Northern part of the United Arab Emirates with electricity and water, is investing in smart water metering solutions.

  8. Open Day Focuses On No-Dig Pipe Diagnostics

    Excavation avoidance will be the focus of an open-day hosted at Aquam Pipe Diagnostics’ (APD) new training and demonstration facility in Derby on 12 October 2017.

  9. Sensus Wins Best Smart Utility Solution Award For Fourth Consecutive Year

    For the fourth consecutive year, the Sensus Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution has been honored by municipal utility executives as the “Best Smart Utility Solution” during the Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS).

  10. Research Confirms Cause Of Flint Crisis

    A failure to include orthophosphate in water treatment processes in Flint was a primary reason for the lead crisis that gripped the city and served up unsafe tap water to locals, according to new research.