Drinking Water Distribution News

  1. Leveraging Smart Water Solutions To Manage Resources

    Badger Meter, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of flow measurement, control and communications solutions, is at the forefront of smart water technologies in the water metering industry.

  2. PRT Releases Installation Logbook For Mechanical Point Repair

    Pipeline Renewal Technologies, a distributor of underground pipeline rehabilitation solutions, has released an “Installation Logbook for Mechanical Point Repair.”

  3. ePIPE Team Awarded Multiple U.S. Patents For In-Place Protection Of Non-Metallic Pipes

    Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, (PRT) makers of the ePIPE, Lead-Free, Leak-Free and LeadSmart product lines, announced that it has been granted U.S. patents #10076769 and #10076770.

  4. Next Generation Dual Channel Transmitter Extends Multiple Flow Or Analytical Measurement Capabilities

    GF Piping Systems has added the next generation Signet 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter (Gen 2b) to its flow and analytical instrumentation product line.

  5. Lighthouse Wins 2018 US James Dyson Award

    According to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ report card on America’s infrastructure, leaking pipes lose an estimated six billion gallons of clean drinking water per day, and 240,000 water main breaks occur each year.

  6. Remote Sensing Company Opens Its Doors To San Diego

    Utilis Corp has cut the ribbon, officially opening their new United States based subsidiary, Utilis Inc, in San Diego. 

  7. A Smarter Hydrant That Detects Leaks And Monitors Pressure

    Mueller Water Products is daylighting a smarter hydrant which not only provides life-saving fire protection but detects leaks in the water distribution system and monitors pressure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  8. The Easy To Install And Maintain Super Centurion® A-403 Fire Hydrant

    Designed to be installed and maintained by one person, the new Super Centurion A-403 fire hydrant from Mueller Water Products features a two-piece ductile iron upper barrel. The nozzle section can be separated from the traffic section by removing two high strength bolts, which makes seat replacement or traffic repair simple and quick.

  9. Mueller Water Products Expands Its Resilient Wedge Gate Valve Line

    Mueller Water Products is expanding its 350psi, AWWA/UL/FM rated resilient wedge gate valve (RWGV) product line with a new end design that conforms to the ASME/ANSI dimensional requirements for Class 250/300 valves.

  10. Embattled City Utility Gets On Water Improvement Plan

    Water in the capital of New Jersey had a lead problem, and the city was ordered to take palliative steps.