Drinking Water Distribution News

  1. Will Trump Kill The Rural Utilities Service Program?

    Though it may surprise most Americans, there are plenty of places in this country that do not have access to clean water. And a recent news report put the blame for that on the current Presidential administration.

  2. Major Milestone Reached At Denver Water’s Reservoir Tank And Pump Station Replacement Project

    The Hillcrest Reservoir Tank and Pump Station Replacement project reached a major milestone with the completion of Tank 1, just before the project reaches one year of construction.

  3. As Mayor Of Flint Overcomes Recall, Water Quality Front And Center

    Karen Weaver, the mayor of Flint, MI, who rose to national prominence during her fight against lead contamination in the city’s drinking water, faced a recall election last week and water quality continued to be a primary focus.

  4. MIT Researchers Release Evaluation Of Solar Pumps For Irrigation And Salt Mining In India

    In 2014, the government of India made an ambitious goal to replace 26 million groundwater pumps run on costly diesel, for more efficient and environmentally-friendly options such as solar pumps.

  5. New Billing System Highlights Massive Metering Errors

    A town in New York state recently provided a case study on how new billing systems can uncover complex problems for water utilities.

  6. Rupture In Detroit Illustrates Breadth Of Main Break Issues

    A recent water main break in Detroit demonstrated just how calamitous these events can be for water systems.

  7. As Infrastructure Woes Persist, Pittsburgh Turns To Chemicals For Lead Reduction

    As one of many cities dealing with lead contamination of drinking water, Pittsburgh is exploring the potential that chemical treatment has to solve the problem.

  8. City Of Destin, Fla., Is Crowned Tnemec 2017 Tank Of The Year

    The municipal water tank in Destin, Fla., is this year’s winner of the Tank of the Year competition sponsored by Tnemec Company, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance coatings.

  9. Flint Contamination Crisis Had 'Horrifyingly Large' Effect On Fetal Deaths

    New research shows that lead contamination of tap water in Flint, MI, likely had a major impact on fetal deaths.

  10. Nine Blocks Of Manhattan Closed By Water Main Break

    The power of water infrastructure was on display in Manhattan last month after a water main break shut down nine blocks.