Drinking Water Distribution News

  1. 'Missing Lead' In Flint Water Pipes Confirms Cause Of Crisis

    A study of lead service lines in Flint's damaged drinking water system reveals a Swiss cheese pattern in the pipes' interior crust, with holes where the lead used to be.

  2. The City Of Raymondville Partners With Schneider Electric To Upgrade Infrastructure

    Energy and sustainability expert Schneider Electric today announced it is partnering with the City of Raymondville, Texas to implement a city-wide water meter upgrade to improve city services, increase meter accuracy and reporting and address the city’s critical infrastructure needs.

  3. City Of Magnolia, TX Improves Meter Reading Process With Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters

    Kamstrup Water Metering brings ultrasonic water meters and an automated meter reading (AMR) system to City of Magnolia's water department to improve their meter reading process. With Kamstrup's READy AMR system, the city now reads their 1,120 water meters in just three hours.

  4. Materials Emitted By A Water Pipe-Repair Method May Pose Health Risks, New Safeguards And Research Needed

    New research is calling for immediate safeguards and the study of a widely used method for repairing sewer-, storm-water and drinking-water pipes to understand the potential health and environmental concerns for workers and the public.

  5. Michigan Gives $400,000 To University For Flint Water Response

    The state is giving the University of Michigan’s campus in Flint $400,000 in assistance aimed at water issues.

  6. Orange Water And Sewer Authority Selects Mueller Systems’ Advanced Meter Infrastructure Network To Further Enhance Customer Service

    As part of a customer service initiative, the Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) in North Carolina will install 22,000 meters as part of a Mi.Net® advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) network. 

  7. Heat Wave Prompts Bevy Of Main Breaks In St. Louis

    It’s so hot in St. Louis County, MO, that water mains are bursting at a higher rate than usual.

  8. After Pipe Rupture, Small California Town Fights Over Repairs

    After a major pipe ruptured following drought-breaking storms, the water supply is at risk in the tiny California community of Davenport. As residents worry that their taps will run dry, a major fight has erupted about who should pay to fix the pipe.

  9. After Bill Shock, Water Utility Defends Meter Upgrade

    Can a water meter upgrade mean higher bills for customers?

  10. Hydrovacing Helps Flint Track Lead Pipes

    Some cities are touting a method for finding lead pipes, which can contaminate drinking water, that they say is faster and cheaper than traditional processes.