News | May 14, 2024

Aquarius Spectrum Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Innovation In Water Network Management

Aquarius Spectrum proudly announces the launch of its new visual identity as AQS, signifying a major step forward in its mission to revolutionize the water network management. Following its acquisition by Aliaxis in 2022, AQS has embraced a new strategic direction focused on enhancing water conservation and delivering unparalleled leak management solutions to water utilities globally. This newly crafted identity manifests our intent to echo the user-friendly and straightforward nature of our high-performance leak management solutions in our visuals, encapsulating the essence of simplicity and efficiency that AQS embodies.

“Our rebranding to AQS marks a key moment in our journey, as we steer toward empowering water utilities with innovative solutions that conserve our precious water resources for present and future generations. Our affiliation with Aliaxis opens a realm of opportunities for innovation and collaboration, allowing us to offer high-performance leak-management solutions that not only drive substantial Return On Invest for our clients but also solidify our role as water stewards" said Koen Verweyen, CEO of AQS.

The new visual identity of AQS represents the company's integrated approach to water loss management, symbolizing a transformation that aligns with our core strengths of innovation, expertise, and reliable partnership. It reflects our evolution and introduces the company's differentiating values of customer-centricity, empathy, and a purpose-driven mission to massively reduce non-revenue water. It strengthens our commitment to technological advancement and water stewardship.

The new visual identity of AQS captures the essence of our approach and vision. The logo features a carefully designed circle representing our system's seamless integration capabilities. At its heart, the water droplet signifies our advanced leak detection technology, while the gradient within symbolizes the fusion of our cutting-edge solutions, including state-of-the-art sensors, AI algorithms, cloud-based proprietary software, and big data analysis.

AQS’s approach is defined by a steadfast dedication to thoroughness, both internally within our organization and externally. We embody a 360-degree perspective in our business and culture, fully aware that every contribution leads to superior outcomes and each action fortifies our collective strength. Our new visual identity is a reflection of this philosophy, encapsulating the idea that every water drop, every innovative thought, every pipe, and every person is vital. Our tagline, "Drops Matter," reflects this philosophy and is the inspiration behind our new logo design.

Our commitment extends beyond technology, with a strong focus on our Human-as-a-Service model, that places customer needs and experiences at the forefront of our operations. It ensures that every interaction is personal, every solution is tailored, and every customer is nurtured by a team dedicated to their success. This human-centric approach is integral to our identity, driving us to be a leader in water network management.

"Our mission will continue to massively reduce non-revenue water and prolong the lifecycle of water infrastructures. The introduction of our new visual identity aligns our outward image with our internal narrative, simplifying our brand and preparing us for future technological and market advancements," added Koen Verweyen.

AQS's rebranding reflects its commitment to the digitalization of the water industry, aiming to be a reliable partner for water utilities and industry players navigating the complex path of digital transformation. With a focus on reducing brand complexity and aligning with future technology and market developments, AQS strives to expand its reach, eco-partnering with private companies and utilities dedicated to water preservation.

About AQS
AQS supports water utilities around the world to reduce their water loss through high-performance leak management solutions combined with superior tailor-made Human-as-a-Service (HaaS) offering. AQS technologies empower water utilities to detect and prevent leaks, enabling proactive continuous monitoring and efficient management of water networks, to reduce NRW (Non-Revenue Water) and optimize resource allocation.

AQS is at the forefront of acoustic monitoring and leak detection solutions for potable water preservation, offering versatile solutions that cater to a wide range of needs. From above and below ground acoustic correlating sensors for leak detection to pioneering hydrophone technology for large transmission lines, AQS's product portfolio is designed to enhance the full spectrum of water infrastructures and support utilities in proactive maintenance and operational efficiency. The AQS-SYS platform is powered by advanced algorithms, and big data analytics, offering in-depth network analysis.

AQS is a company of Aliaxis Group. Present in 40+ countries, Aliaxis is a global leader in advanced fluid management solutions that enable access to water and energy.

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