Contaminant Removal News

  1. EPA Updates Flint Response Website With Lead Assessment Results

    Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is releasing preliminary results of lead sampling at Flint residences, as well as an interactive map of sampling results. The map is available at

  2. Water Environment Research Open Access Article Discusses Sidestream Deammonification, pH-Based Aeration Control Method

    A deammonification method that resulted in optimal ammonia removal at a water resource recovery facility in Virginia is the topic of the open access article in the June 2017 edition of Water Environment Research (WER).

  3. EPA Proposes Plan For Second Phase Of Cleanup Of The Peninsula Boulevard Superfund Site In Hewlett, Nassau County, N.Y.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed a plan to address the sources of groundwater contamination at the Peninsula Boulevard Groundwater Plume Superfund site in Hewlett, Nassau County, N.Y.

  4. Reducing Power Plants’ Freshwater Consumption With Sandia’s New Silica Filter

    Power plants draw more freshwater than any other consumer in the United States, accounting for more than 50 percent of the nation’s freshwater use at about 500 billion gallons daily.

  5. Clearas’ Advanced Algae Filtration Technology Produces Unprecedented Results At Fond du Lac

    The recent pilot program of Clearas Water Recovery’s Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNRTM) treatment system conducted in partnership with the Fond du Lac Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility and manufacturing representatives, Mulcahy Shaw Water, has produced impressive results in the reduction of total phosphorus and other primary nutrients in the facility’s surface water discharge.

  6. Clean TeQ Awarded Contract To Supply DeSALx Technology For Mine Water Treatment Plant

    Mr Robert Friedland and Mr Jiang Zhaobai, Co-Chairmen of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company), and Mr Sam Riggall, Chief Executive Officer, recently announced that Clean TeQ, through its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd, has entered into a landmark agreement with Fosterville Gold Mine Pty Ltd (Fosterville) to design, supply and commission a two million litre-per-day Clean TeQ DeSALxmine water treatment plant.

  7. Purafil Launches The OnGuard Lite, Adding To Their Active Corrosion Monitoring Product Line

    Purafil is launching their new Active Corrosion Monitoring product, the OnGuard Lite, to support a need to test the air quality of server rooms, rack rooms, control rooms, motor control centers, and more without waiting for a laboratory test.

  8. E-Z Trays An Integral Part Of Levelland's Groundwater Treatment

    The refinery at the former Motor Fuels Corporation produced all grades of gasoline, tractor fuels, diesel, distillate products, and fuel oils. It closed in 1954 after 15 years of operation, and the refinery equipment was removed by 1958.

  9. Coffee-Infused Foam Removes Lead From Contaminated Water

    Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the U.S., which makes for a perky population — but it also creates a lot of used grounds.

  10. EPA Settlement Ensures Groundwater Cleanup Of Concord, Mass. Site

    A recent settlement agreement between EPA and Whittaker Corp., Textron Inc., U.S Army, and U.S Department of Energy addresses the cleanup of contaminated groundwater at the Nuclear Metals, Inc. Superfund Site in Concord, Mass.