Contaminant Removal News

  1. TMWA And WaterStart Announce Collaboration To Evaluate New Technology For Identifying Contaminants Through Pilot Program

    One of Nevada’s statewide resources for water utilities, WaterStart, recently reached an agreement with Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) who has begun a pilot program to evaluate the performance of the biottta system for identifying contaminants that can be found in wells such as nitrate and arsenic.

  2. EPA Proposes Plan For Second Phase Of Cleanup Of The Peninsula Boulevard Superfund Site In Hewlett, Nassau County, N.Y.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed a plan to address the sources of groundwater contamination at the Peninsula Boulevard Groundwater Plume Superfund site in Hewlett, Nassau County, N.Y.

  3. Santa Cruz Meets THM/DBP Challenge With Unique Air Stripping Process

    Santa Cruz, California has successfully found a way for the City to meet its water quality goals while using process recycled water as part of its supply source.

  4. Veolia’s New Modular Bulldozer Design (MBD™) Using Crystallization Technology Chosen By Osum Oil Sands Corp.

    Osum Oil Sands Corp. in Alberta, Canada has awarded Veolia Water Technologies the Orion Phase I Crystallizer system, which reduces costly disposal of evaporator blowdown waste.

  5. Purafil Launches The OnGuard Lite, Adding To Their Active Corrosion Monitoring Product Line

    Purafil is launching their new Active Corrosion Monitoring product, the OnGuard Lite, to support a need to test the air quality of server rooms, rack rooms, control rooms, motor control centers, and more without waiting for a laboratory test.

  6. EPA Cleanup Proposal For Superfund Site In Utuado, Puerto Rico Aims To Remove Harmful Chemicals From The Ground

    The U.S. Environmental Protection is proposing a cleanup plan to address sources of chemical contamination at the Papelera Puertorriqueña Inc. Superfund site, a paper and plastic goods manufacturer in Utuado, Puerto Rico

  7. Z-92 Media Regeneration Process Eliminates Disposal Of Treatment Residuals

    WRT has recently completed the final step in their goal to eliminate the disposal of treatment residuals and the associated long term liability from their Z-92® Uranium Removal treatment process.

  8. PCBs And Lead To Be Removed From Eighteen Mile Creek Superfund Site In Lockport, N.Y.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a plan to remove contamination in the creek corridor section of the Eighteen Mile Creek Superfund Site, in Lockport, N.Y. The creek corridor is approximately one mile in length and extends from the Erie Canal to Harwood Street in Lockport.

  9. Water Leaders Explore Lead Line Replacement Strategies

    More than 100 water utility leaders from throughout the United States and Canada gathered Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to share strategies for removing the lead service lines that connect millions of older homes to water mains.

  10. Filter May Be A Match For Fracking Water

    A new filter produced by Rice University scientists has proven able to remove more than 90 percent of hydrocarbons, bacteria and particulates from contaminated water produced by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations at shale oil and gas wells