Contaminant Removal Articles

  1. Electrocoagulation: A Shocking Approach To Wastewater Treatment

    A growing number of wastewater treatment professionals are turning to electrocoagulation — a water treatment process that uses electric current to remove various contaminants from water.

  2. Water Remediation ‘Robots’ Feast On Over 400 Wastewater Contaminants, Then Self-Destruct

    Meet the BactoBotsthe secret agents of wastewater treatment.

  3. A New Approach To Early Biofilm Detection

    To assist industrial operators in managing and preventing biofilm, Italian start-up ALVIM Srl created a monitoring system that provides early warning detection of bacterial biofilm growing on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, RO membranes, and other equipment.

  4. Go With The (Change Of) Flow: 3 Overlooked Tasks At WWTPs

    There are certain requirements incumbent upon the wastewater operator when the volume and nature of waste coming into the wastewater treatment plant changes — first and foremost of which is recognition. That’s the easy part...