Collection Systems White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Pilot Studies In North Carolina With Hydrex™ Odor Solutions

    Two municipalities were faced with odor issues and required corrosion prevention in their collection systems. Monitoring in the sewer lines indicated peak H2S atmospheric concentrations of 300-500 ppm. Both clients desired H2S < 20 mg/L to prevent corrosion and preferably lower to prevent H2S odor.

  2. Considerations Regarding FOG Determinations (Oil And Grease)

    It is incumbent upon us that we understand what FOG (fats, oils, and grease) levels are before and after treatment with DO2E Digesters (and Aerators, too). 

  3. Greater Lawrence SD Chooses Headworks® MS Series Bar Screen Upgrade

    The Greater Lawrence Sanitation District is responsible for building, maintaining, and operating a system of sewage collection and disposal for over 130,000 people in five communities in Essex County. Established in 1977, the plant operates on the banks of the Merrimack River approximately 24 miles from Boston, in the northeastern part of Massachusetts.

  4. Headworks® Installs Two Enormous MS Series Bar Screens In India

    Shahad Temghar Water Treatment Plant is located along the Shahad River in Maharashtra, India – just 50 km northeast of Mumbai.

  5. Headworks® Steps Up To The Challenge Of Cavernous Screening

    The City of Greater Sudbury is located 390 kilometers (242 miles) north of Toronto and is the seventh largest municipality (by area) in Canada.

  6. Screenfield Retrofit Saves Greenwood Lakes WRF Time And Money

    Greenwood Lakes Water Reclamation Facility, located in Seminole County, Florida- just north of Orlando, treats approximately 694 million gallons of wastewater each year.

  7. First MS Series Bar Screen Installed In The United States - Still Running Strong!

    The fourth largest city in the United States is home to Headworks® headquarters and also boasts the first MS Series Bar Screen installed in the United States.

  8. MS Series Bar Screens Replace Two-Stage Screening System

    In 2004, the Department for Regional Development announced plans to upgrade the Limavady Wastewater Treatment Works, which was part of a 28 million dollar capital works program in Northern Ireland.

  9. MS Series Bar Screens Simplify Maintenance And Increase Tranquility

    The City of Los Angeles Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant (DCT) combines technology with tranquility.

  10. MS Series Bar Screen Handles Conditions Where Other Screens Failed

    The Cadiz street Pump Station in Dallas, Texas collects wastewater and pumps it across the Trinity River to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant .