Mueller Water Products has a long history of trust and leadership in the American flow control industry spanning more than a Century. Today, more than 150 years after its founding, it remains the only full-line supplier of flow control products used in distribution systems for municipal potable water and natural gas. Please visit our web site to view all products in our extensive line. Our full product catalog is posted on the site in an easier to navigate format.

With years of industry leadership and a proven record of trust as its base, today's Mueller Water Products has in place the elements necessary to serve its customers most effectively. Products, process, and people - all have been finely tuned to provide the customer with the full complement of services necessary to uphold Mueller's end of a successful partnership. Mueller is ISO9001-2000 certified.

FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS: All components necessary for distribution mains and services, from the source to the customer - including all types of brass and iron valves, hydrants, service fittings, saddles, meter setters and pits, pipe repair products, drilling and tapping machines, and tools - available through authorized Mueller® distributors serving all areas of the United States. Far more than featured here.

HYDRO-GUARD® SYSTEMS: Hydro-Guard automatic flushing and monitoring systems are used by utilities throughout North America to maintain water quality throughout their distribution systems. These systems can be programmed to flush on a scheduled sequence and to monitor a variety of water quality conditions, including chlorine residuals, temperature, pH, flow, turbidity, and pressure.

SINGER VALVE: Since 1957 Singer Valve has been designing, manufacturing and distributing pilot operated diaphragm control valves.  With innovative technologies, the company provides solutions for water loss management, water conservation and urban water and wastewater distribution throughout the world.  By using quality materials and testing every valve and pilot before it is shipped, Singer Valve has an unprecedented track record for long lasting, easy to maintain solutions that work upon installation. 


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  • Mueller Systems’ New ME-8 Encoder Register Improves Meter Accuracy And Functionality

    The Mueller® Encoder Eight (ME-8) register combines proven reliable mechanical components with an innovative new automated data acquisition system that improves meter accuracy and functionality for utilities.

  • Echologics And Bell Deliver IoT Smart City Solution For Water Network Leak Detection In The City Of Medicine Hat

    Echologics, an industry leader in permanent leak detection technology, today announced it will deliver an Internet of Things (IoT) Smart City solution over Bell’s broadband wireless network for the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

  • Jones® Triton® Fire Hydrant Adds Auxiliary Port For Additional Uses
    Jones® Triton® Fire Hydrant Adds Auxiliary Port For Additional Uses

    Mueller Water Products recently announced the new Jones® Triton® J-4048 Dome Top Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant. The new dome feature gives access to an auxiliary port at the top of the hydrant that allows it to be used for other purposes, such as construction water access, installation of pressure sensors, etc.

  • New Gate Valve BIM Models Available Online

    These 3D drawing files are currently available in .igs or .x_t format and can be downloaded by engineers, contractors, and others involved with project design from our website.

  • Mike Lindgren Selected To Lead Mueller’s Sales Organization As VP Sales

    Mike Lindgren will assume VP Sales’ duties and oversight while Mike Williams transitions key account relationships to Mike Lindgren, completes special sales projects, and serves in a mentorship capacity to Mike Lindgren in his new leadership role.

  • New Henry Pratt Company Website Launched

    Featuring dynamic display, impactful visuals, and improved navigation, the new website organizes product details by category, which makes it much easier for visitors to gather information needed for submitting or operating Pratt products.

  • Mueller Providing Options For AIS Act Compliance

    Effective immediately, The Mueller Company is offering product options for American Iron and Steel Act compliant Super Centurion fire hydrants and resilient wedge gate valves.

  • Mueller Co. Introduces Remote Pressure Monitoring System; Alerts Water Utilities Of Pressure Thresholds

    Mueller Co., North America's largest and only full-line supplier of potable water distribution products, has introduced a new remote pressure monitoring system for water distribution networks as part of its Intelligent Water Technology™ (IWT) portfolio of products and services that actively diagnose, monitor and control the delivery of safe, clean drinking water to consumers and businesses.

  • B-101™ Drilling & Tapping Machine Training Video

    Mueller Co. invented and patented the first machine for drilling, tapping and inserting corporation stops in mains under pressure. This invention revolutionized the method of making main to service connections under pressure and also established what has proven to be the most successful principle for machines of this type. Mueller has taken the original tapping machine features and refined, expanded and incorporated them into additional machines for other conditions and purposes. This instructional video is intended for use as a training aid.

  • Centurion® Hydrant Maintenance and Repair Video

    A fire hydrant is exposed to the elements on a daily basis and over a period of time repairs may eventually become necessary. This instructional video is intended for use as a training aid.

  • Centurion® 250 Hydrant Features Video

    Each component part of a Mueller Fire Hydrant is specially designed to assure proper and reliable operation. This video shows how the Centurion® 250 Hydrant goes through the process of being constructed.

  • Mueller® Fire Hydrant Security Solutions Video

    Mueller engineers set out to equip its Centurion® Hydrant Line with new features to protect against accidental or deliberate contamination of the public water supply. This video explains how they did so without impacting the normal operation or maintenance of the hydrant.

  • Hydrant Security – Taking That First Step

    Until 9/11, fire hydrant security had more to do with “hindrance” than “prevention.” It was the theft of hydrant parts, vandalism and unauthorized operation of hydrants for water that utilities tried to thwart, and that hydrant locking devices were intended to address.

  • Mueller Co. Expands Product Offering With The Addition Of Hydro-Guard Brand Mueller Co., a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of infrastructure and flow control products for use in potable water distribution networks and treatment facilities, has expanded its product line with the addition of the Hydro-Guard brand of automated flushing systems.