HYMAX GRIP® MJ Cut-In Sleeve (3" - 12")


HYMAX GRIP  joins and restrains a wide selection of pipes of different types and diameters, easily and reliably. Due to its patented design, it allows the joining of pipes of the same or different materials and diameters and preventing axial pipe movement.


  • The first one-piece transition coupling that can connect to a mechanical joint while restraining the connecting plain pipe - saving time on cutting and installing extra pipe
  • Wide range - replaces the need to use dedicated-sized transition couplings to help reduce inventory costs and save shelf-space
  • Lightweight, only 1 bolt tighten - for faster and safer installation
  • Patented grip chain offers circular restraint around  the pipe
  • Patented radial closing mechanism holds pipes tightly in place during installation
  • Allows dynamic deflection of the pipe for up to 4°, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks