HYMAX VERSA® Stainless Steel Wrap-Around Coupling


The HYMAX VERSA is a coupling that can wrap around damaged pipe usually repaired with the cut-and-replace technique while providing dynamic deflection to reduce the risk of damage caused by ground shifts.


  • Weld-free construction and all stainless-steel parts
    • Tough and resistant to corrosion
  • Patented hydraulic pressure assisted gasket
    • Dynamic deflection to minimize damage due to ground shifts
  • Installation time is a fraction of standard repair techniques
  • Top-facing bolts and lightweight construction

Product portfolio:

  • Nominal pipe size 1.5"-12"
  • Nominal pipe size 12"-24"
  • Nominal pipe size 26"-28"
  • HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation
    • Nominal pipe size 1.5"-3"
    • Available with 5.5" or 11" width