Master Meter is a high-service provider of water management solutions specializing in advanced digital water metering, data delivery, and Utility Intelligence (UI) software. Master Meter continues to expand its portfolio of new and innovative smart water technologies in support of today’s dynamic water utility business environment, and the water department’s rapidly evolving role within a Smart City and IoT strategic plan.

Master Meter Brand Teaser Master Meter Brand Teaser

This one-minute intro video conveys the team energy here at Master Meter, our incessant municipal utility focus, and it sheds an eye on the citizens served by our technology. Our award-winning smart water portfolio helps address and solve water utilities’ infrastructure challenges across North America.



  • Allegro AMI Fixed Network Explainer Video

    Allegro AMI offers water utilities an extremely reliable, highly secure,  and cost-effective choice in meter data network solutions (Advanced Meter Infrastructure).

  • Sonata Ultrasonic Residential Water Meter

    Master Meter introduces the latest application of our Sound of Science™ Ultrasonic Platform - the Sonata Residential (5/8" - 1") water meter system. This innovative, patent-pending flowmeter technology builds on the success of our proven, Octave Ultrasonic measurement system for C&I applications.

  • Harmony Encore MDM Software Teaser

    Our latest meter data management (MDM) software for water utilities. Harmony Encore enhances customer service, helps preserve water,  and aids stakeholders to manage the city's water resources with greater insight.

  • AWWA Measurement Standard C715 - Greg Land

    Check out this brief video with Greg, and industry veteran and our Product Manager for Measurement technologies, as he provides a lowdown on the new AWWA Standard covering solid-state meters which are increasingly being adopted by water utilities of all sizes.

  • San Juan Bautista, CA - Octave And 3G Mobile AMR

    Check out why this small town near Monterey California is making the necessary investments in Octave Ultrasonic water measurement and 3G Mobile AMR technologies.


The Allegro Under-the-Glass (UTG™)Universal Endpoint for Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is an industry-leading innovation in durable endpoint design technology featuring no external connecting wires or antennas. The Allegro UTG Endpoints are built on our patented programmable Interpreter® register platform that enables placement anywhere on most any meter. This exclusive endpoint technology is flexible, migratable, and able to operate in both fixed network and drive-by environments.

Octave brings the latest in ultrasonic metering technology to Commercial/Industrial (C&I) water meters and puts precise measurement where the real flows exist.

The Sonata Residential Ultrasonic water meter is Master Meter’s next step in unifying our ultrasonic solid-state measurement profile. Utilizing advanced ultrasonic flow measurement, the Sonata greatly improves low flow measurement compared to residential mechanical meters, making it an ideal solution for addressing Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

Master Meter’s Multi-Jet meter exceeds the AWWA C708 standard. With sensitivity to measure water flowing as low as 1/8 gallon per minute and accuracy unaffected by common particulates and build-up that would freeze other types, you can count on our Multi-Jet technology.

At Master Meter, we are focused on the future of water management.  Whether you’re serving small rural populations or major metropolitan areas, delivering water only or provisioning combination utilities, Master Meter is your partner to deliver game changing results across Finance, Customer Service, and Utility Operations. Master Meter’s vast sales presence and partner network ensure a personalized, attentive service to ensure your specific needs are met, and your expectations exceeded. Contact us today to determine which smart water metering solution is right for you. 

Harmony Enterprise™ Suite is an open platform, designed to be compatible with nearly every AMI Network on the market today. Its integrated Google® Mapping Tools and advanced Meter Data Management (MDM) features provide an exceptional environment for managing, reporting, and analyzing advanced metering infrastructure and mobile data acquisition systems.


  • Allegro Universal AMI RF Endpoints For Water: Datasheet

    Operating in the FCC licensed 450-470 MHz frequency spectrum, our family of Allegro Universal Endpoints communicate to the fixed network backbone via a proprietary 2-way, time-synchronized RF protocol. The Allegro AMI Fixed Network architecture offers exceptional propagation, eliminates network RF signal collision, provides superior stability (agnostic of the number of endpoints), and is intrinsically secure and protected.

  • Bottom Load Multi-Jet Meters Datasheet

    Master Meter Bottom Load Multi-Jets get the job done. Featuring the latest in measurement technology they bring sustained accuracy with tough performance that stands up to particulates that would choke other meters. These bold meters have sensitive measurement capabilities that account for every drop of potential revenue — reading fl ow as low as 1/8 gallon per minute. Nothing sneaks by our meters. If you demand tough-as-nails performance, with a keen eye on your bottom line, you can count on Master Meter Bottom Load Multi-Jets.

  • OCTAVE® Ultrasonic Meter Datasheet

    An excellent alternative to mechanical compound, single-jet, floating ball, fire-service type and turbine meters, Octave excels at maintaining sustained accuracy for the life of the meter while providing smart AMR capabilities.

  • Harmony: Meter Data Management + Data Acquisition Software

    Leveraging the Microsoft® Azure™ cloud, Harmony delivers super-fast performance bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) into any sized water utility. Additionally, Harmony is compatible with nearly every billing system on the market and can provide added value and analytics to most Customer Information Systems (CIS), in addition to a wide variety of Asset Management and GIS Software.

  • SONATA® Ultrasonic Meter: Datasheet

    The Sonata is fully Internet of Things (IoT) ready and capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s smart water networks.

  • The Science Of Precise Management™: Product Portfolio Overview

    At Master Meter, we are focused on the future of water management. Everything we do is designed to help our utility customers reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and promote water stewardship through empowering conservation.


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  • Small Utility Achieves Astounding Results In Customer Service, Labor Output By Switching To AMI

    A team member from Master Meter approached Amanda Selph, Business Manager at Belforest Water System, with a problem; the meters in the system were rapidly nearing the end of their life span and Belforest’s growth rate was exceeding staff’s capacity to keep up. “We were changing 30 to 40 meters a month that were no longer working, and that was on top of the growth we were experiencing. It would not be uncommon for them [Belforest employees] to change out 50 to 60 meters a month,” Mrs. Selph states. “We were at a tipping point from a staffing perspective and we needed a solution that would show immediate financial results.”

  • Gwinnett County, GA, Improves Meter Program Through Science And Strategy

    Gwinnett County is located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. The County is investigating methods to improve its strategic program for water meters. These improvements include updated testing equipment, a wider selection of approved metering technologies, and increased employee training. The goal is to install the most appropriate meter for each specific use, and to enhance the county’s excellent customer service.

  • City of San Juan Bautista

    The City of San Juan Bautista, California, also known as the City of History, is a mission town nestled in the San Juan Valley. Some of the city’s infrastructure is over 100 years old. The city’s water meters were an aging mix of units from various manufacturers. The meters were losing accuracy and becoming unreliable, leading to a loss of billing revenue. In addition, manually reading the meters was a very inefficient way for the city’s small staff to spend their time. Also, like most California cities, water conservation in San Juan Bautista is a top priority. Helping customers find leaks and understand how much water they really use is an important step towards conservation.


  • Smart Antenna Technology For AMI

    When several years of drought subsided and water restrictions were lifted this spring for the city of Round Rock, Texas, residents quickly returned to their pre-drought usage patterns—and as they watered their lawns, filled their pools and used water the way they had before the drought, their monthly bills began to rise. The utility billing office started getting calls from a number of the 33,000 homes and businesses throughout Round Rock.


  • Top 12 Communication Hacks

    As a meter technology company, we understand the importance of approaching challenges with smart solutions and proactive communication. Ultimately, our technology is all about helping customers and utilities to feel empowered, connected, and capable of taking on problems. Master Meter, Inc. created a list of the top 12 communication hacks found to be most successful in 2020. Implement these tactics and watch your utility connect with your customers and build trust with your community.

  • CCR Do's And Don'ts

    If you’re a water utility, you know about the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Maybe your community calls it the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. Tomato, tomata. It’s the one publication every community water system is required to provide to its customers, no matter what you call it. It’s the key element of the Safe Drinking Water Act’s public right-to know provisions.

  • Top 10 Field Hacks

    Our industry’s experienced veterans have decades of knowledge that isn’t learned in the classroom but in the field. Master Meter, Inc. interviewed members of field operation crews across several water utilities in Texas. They gave us these Top 10 Hacks from the Field you can share with your own staff. See which ones your crews have heard before.

  • Allegro AMI And Harmony MDM Infographic

    MasterMeter is intent in providing new and innovative ways to manage the vast amount of data flooding into Smart Cities and Utilites. We're a high service solutions provider specializing in advanced metering, data delivery and Utility Intelligence Software and our portfolio of new and innovative technology continues to grow.

  • Top 10 Customer Touchpoints

    Cities must gain the buy-in and support from the public and elected officials to secure necessary funding for smart water tech. Optimizing the initial costs of deploying smart water tech are going to vary, mainly depending on the size of the utility. Buy-in and support will only occur when utilities effectively make people understand, what’s in it for the customer. Water utilities need to communicate the value of AMI through the lens of what matters most to the end user—your customer, the consumer of your product, the ratepayer.


  • The Value Of Water: Measuring, Managing, Mastering

    Last month Master Meter, Inc. presented at the Smart Water Summit at the PGA Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, FL. Since 2014, the Agora Smart Water Summit has brought together vendor partners and water utilities to create an intimate environment for in-depth discussions about updating technology and improving infrastructure. Technology and infrastructure improvements come with a price tag, one which requires the financial buy-in of the public stakeholders.

  • Water Stewardship- Because Everyone Is A Water Manager

    Smart water technology has evolved the water utility’s role within municipalities to have a seat at the proverbial Smart City table, participate in the IoT plan, and drive water stewardship. There are many benefits to replacing your meter system with AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) technology. For the utility, the game-changer is when you couple it with meter data management software which streamlines and prioritizes data so you can make timely, informed decisions.

  • Keeping Your Customers Informed With A Customer Portal

    Water services are no doubt essential, especially during a pandemic when more people are staying home, and cleanliness is a top priority. Ease your customers’ minds during these uncertain times by keeping communications flowing. A customer portal is a perfect way to stay in touch. Here are some ways to use this tool to help your community through this uncertain time.

  • AI & The Water Sector

    Much has been speculated already about how emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence can help out many sectors, including the water sector. It might seem like a far-fetched idea for some utilities; however, as we are well into 2020 now, some companies are already helping to forge this into reality.

  • Measure What Matters

    WE’VE HEARD IT FOR YEARS…“What’s measured is what matters.” This is true for many organizations, especially as data drives more and more of the business — and it’s often how executives make decisions. Even when data seems to contradict our beliefs, as humans, we tend to cling to certain biases and make decisions based on gut feelings. Perhaps you can relate to this, especially if you’ve been in the water industry for a long period of time. Some decisions begin to feel like muscle memory.

  • Don’t Wait On The Meter: Engaging A Mixed Meter Customer Base

    This past month Master Meter, Inc. had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at the Texas Water Conference. Our VP of Marketing, Ian MacLeod, joined a panel with City of Mansfield Utilities Division Director, Jeff Price; and Rogue Water COO, Arianne Shipley, moderated by Michelle Camp of WaterSmart Software. The goal of the discussion was to demonstrate to other utility members that a mixed meter customer base does not take AMI off the table.