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JWC Environmental's family of wastewater, stormwater and sewage treatment products are legendary for quality and reliability – including the Muffin Monster and Channel Monster sewage grinders, and the Auger Monster, Screenings Washer Monster and Monster Separation Systems, which incorporate a fine screen or band screen with superior sewage screening conditioning.

Brochure: Muffin Monster Manhole   Channel Monster Cuts Maintenance Costs And Protects Pumps In Santa Ana    
Brochure: Muffin Monster Manhole   Channel Monster Cuts Maintenance Costs And Protects Pumps In Santa Ana    



The patent pending Channel Monster FLEX consists of a FLEX Grinder and a Solids Diverter with perforated screen connected by a FLEX Frame. The Channel Monster FLEX continues the Channel Monster legacy of high flow capacity while capturing and shredding rags, rocks, wood, and other solids into small pieces to pass harmlessly through pumps, pipes, and process equipment.

JWC Environmental’s Monster Wash Press (MWP) cleans and compacts the discharge from headworks screens, separating water and organics from the solids.  It features a Muffin Monster® grinder to pre-condition screenings before entering the Monster Wash Press.  The grinder breaks open rags, plastics and trash to promote washing and removal of soft organics.  The patent-pending paddle rotor in the active wash zone agitates the material to enhance water penetration throughout the debris for even better removal of the organics from the solids.  Organics are washed back into the wastewater treatment process and the solids are compacted into a dry, less odorous solid plug.  The Monster Wash Press is designed for easy maintenance.  The rotor and field replaceable screen can be removed via the top of the unit, minimizing the clearance space needed around the unit during maintenance.  A grinderless version of the Monster Wash Press is also available.

All-In-One Headworks Solution – Grind, Screen And Compact
The Auger Monster® is a robust headworks solution which combines three of JWC’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids so the treatment plant runs more efficiently. The Auger Monster is proven to result in cleaner, more compact discharge and lowered disposal costs, as less water and fecal material are sent to the landfill.

From waste to wealth
More and more wastewater treatment plants are trying to find ways to reuse their valuable sludge through anaerobic digestion as well as lower their overall carbon footprint. With our recent acquisition of IPEC we now have world class solutions to meet your sludge thickening needs.

Are you wipes ready?
Wipes and rags are clogging pumps and damaging wastewater treatment systems. NEW Wipes Ready technologies from JWC will keep your systems running efficiently.

The 10K Series Muffin Monster is a compact grinder, tough on solids in sludge and sewage applications. It fits into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection. This simplified design makes it a best cost solution to your sludge and sewage pumping problems.

JWC Environmental is proud to introduce the new 7 SHRED grinder, built to fulfill the demands of product reduction for industrial applications such as in petroleum, agriculture, food processing, municipal solid waste and more.

The Auger Monster model AGV safely and easily screens, cleans and conveys rags and debris straight up and out of the sewer system. This gives collection system managers an affordable new way to remove rags before they clog sewage pumps, eliminating the time and expense wasted on de-ragging pumps.

The Finescreen Monster is part of the Monster Separation Systems® line of screens.  The Monster Separation System is a complete, high-performance system of screens and screening processing equipment that provides high capture rate of wastewater solids and more efficient washing and compacting, resulting in a discharge that is remarkably clean and ready for disposal. The more unwanted solids removed at the headworks of your treatment plant, the better the whole facility will run.

In today's modern wastewater treatment plants, meeting high standards in effluent quality, cost efficiency and odor control is a must. To meet these higher standards, JWC introduces the Bandscreen Monster, a member of the Monster Separation System line of high performance screens.


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  • Wastewater Is Changing: Are You Protected?

    Today’s wastewater stream is dramatically different than its content just a decade ago. Yet, many municipal wastewater treatment plants are functioning under older designs and are not optimized for the new reality. There are solutions to attack the problem without the significant expense of a major system or plant overhaul.

  • The Importance Of Grinder Design In Pump Protection

    By breaking down solids into a manageable size, grinders allow pumps to work efficiently while avoiding downtime for cleaning and repair. However, not all grinders are the same. Here is a list of design features that are important to consider when making a grinder investment.

  • Get It Out: Effective Removal Of Inorganics

    Modern wastewater treatment processes are not designed to operate with inorganic solids in the waste stream. While grinders are typically a cost-effective method for protecting the pumps at pump stations, there are other critical junctures within a treatment plant where operators have an opportunity to protect valuable assets with screening technology.

  • A Simple, Effective Strategy For Preventing Clogs

    Municipal wastewater treatment plant operators face significant challenges from a surge in clogs. Wipes that have been marketed as flushable, but don’t necessarily break down like toilet paper, are increasingly ending up in the waste stream. And with the heightened sense of cleanliness related to COVID-19, consumers are using more wipes than ever, as well as personal protective equipment which is not meant to be tossed in toilets. The proper mechanical solutions can help mitigate the problem and make operators’ lives easier.

  • Combining Biosolids Waste Streams? Not So Fast…

    The idea of combining two systems into one sounds like a common-sense solution to simplifying operations.  Wastewater treatment plant operators have been experimenting with this concept by combining waste activated sludge with primary and septage waste streams with the goal of lowering system complexity.  The reality of these efforts is proving, in many cases, to be problematic.

  • Sludge Thickeners: The Good, The Bad, And The Smelly

    Management of wastewater sludge is a core responsibility of treatment plant operators. With this responsibility comes common challenges that must be overcome.  These include controlling odors so as to have a minimal impact on the surrounding community and minimizing hauling costs for its disposal.  Getting a handle on both of these responsibilities and more can be much easier with the proper sludge-thickening equipment.


Muffin Monster — Monsters Work Here!

JWC Environmental is a global leader in solids reduction, separation and removal systems for customers in a broad range of municipal and industrial applications. Wastewater treatment plants, food processors, oil refineries, waste to energy producers, consumer goods manufacturers, airports, correctional facilities and agricultural operations are just some of the many areas that have relied on JWC’s technologies for over 40 years to run efficient and compliant operations.

JWC Environmental offers a wide range of products to target unique commercial and industrial challenges. Our legendary Muffin Monster grinders and Monster Industrial shredders are designed to break down the toughest solids in wastewater and industrial applications to protect pumps, destroy waste products and optimize materials for industrial processing. Our screening systems including our Monster Screening systems for municipal wastewater and IPEC drum screens for industrial waste separate solids from fluid waste streams to both protect downstream processes and recover valuable byproducts. Our FRC dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems tackle some of the most challenging industrial wastewater conditions removing suspended pollutants and ensuring manufacturers stay in compliance with discharge permits.

JWC Environmental has the depth of experience and manufacturing capability to tackle projects, around the world. Our team of over 200 employees are based out of our global manufacturing and service facilities in Santa Ana, California; Burnaby, British Columbia; Cummings, Georgia, Whitby, Ontario; Hangzhou, China; and Cheshire, England.

Over the last four decades JWC Environmental has built one of the best distributor and representative networks to ensure top-notch customer service to match the quality of the Monster machines we build. We distribute waste grinders, screens, and DAFs through a global network of over 120 North American and international distribution and representative firms.

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Food Waste Grinding Video


The patented Muffin Monster® design has established new standards in product performance and reliability due to decades of technical advancements and innovative design improvements.

Adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification and custom stainless steel frames allow easy installation in channels, wet wells and pump stations.
Channel Monsters® easily replace troublesome bar screens and comminutors — helping you reduce operating and maintenance costs. Clean, powerful, reliable and cost effective – Channel Monster is the industry’s high-flow grinder of choice!
The Auger Monster® is a robust and affordable wastewater screen which combines three of JWC’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids. The new Vertical Auger Monster protects pump stations from non-dispersible wipes.
Monster Separation Systems® are a complete, high-performance system that provides high capture rate of wastewater solids and more efficient washing and compacting, resulting in a discharge that is remarkably clean and ready for disposal. The more unwanted solids removed at the headworks of your treatment plant, the better the whole facility will run.
The Screenings Washer Monster® (SWM) produces ultra-clean discharge using a patented system to grind, wash, compact and dewater debris captured by a screen. This self-contained, hopper fed system produces the industry’s cleanest most compact screenings discharge.
The Honey Monster® Septage Receiving Station is based on proven Auger Monster® technology, which allows cleaner handling of septage truck waste through separation of solids. The unique combination of grinding, washing and dewatering septage waste can be accomplished in approximately 5 to 15 minutes for a typical septage truck.




4 cutter stack sizes:  8” (200mm), 12” (300mm), 18” (450mm), and 24” (600mm)

Motor size: 5HP (3.7 kW)

Applications: MARPOL, Food Waste, Agriculture, Petroleum
3 cutter stack sizes: 18” (450mm), 24” (600mm) and 32” (800mm)

Motor size: 10HP (7 kW)

Applications: Agriculture, Food Waste, Product Destruction, Depackaging, Recycling

*model shown with optional hopper
3 cutter stack sizes: 30” (762 mm), 40” (1016mm) and 50” (1270mm)
Motor size: 25 - 50HP (18.5 - 37 kW)

Applications: Agriculture, Food Waste, Product Destruction, Recycling
The Monster Industrial Fish Cleaning Station is the most efficient fish cleaning station available. The self-contained unit uses a powerful HYDRO dual-shafted grinder to shred solids, such as fish parts, cans, plates, utensils and fishing lures.
The Zero Waste Monster ™ (ZWM) is a self-contained, hopper-fed system designed to separate liquids, gels, creams and semi-solids from their plastic, glass or metal containers.  This patented system will give you the peace of mind of onsite product destruction, while saving you money in waste hauling and landfill fees.

Applications: Depackaging, Recycling