Wipes Ready Technology


Are you wipes ready?
Wipes and rags are clogging pumps and damaging wastewater treatment systems. NEW Wipes Ready technologies from JWC will keep your systems running efficiently.

Pre-moistened and disposable wipes are rapidly picking up popularity all over the world in just about every category imaginable. Now more than ever, people are turning to the convenience and health benefits of so-called “flushable” wipes - but flush the wrong wipe and you could be contributing to clogged pumps and detrimental sewage back-ups. JWC’s assortment of Monster grinders effortlessly break down wipes so debris can flow easily through sewer pumps and be removed at treatment plants by screens.

These monsters are wipes ready:

  • 30005 Open Channel Muffin Monster®
  • 30004 In-Line Muffin Monster®
  • 30005 Wall Mount Muffin Monster®
  • Channel Monster®