Automatically Create Accurate Engineering Designs and Documentation

The Design Generator from Transcend allows users to create custom preliminary designs for wastewater treatment facilities from a few key project-specific inputs that are output to a dozen or more engineering documents and drawings. 

Developed by some of the world’s leading experts in wastewater process modeling and architectural design, this WWTP Design Generator offers environmental engineers, EPC professionals, technology vendors, and utility companies preliminary designs for wastewater facilities in just 8 hours!

Try the WWTP Design Generator for free. It's a real-time analytical approach to choosing the best wastewater treatment plant design, as opposed to the traditional wait time of two weeks or more for each iteration.

The user-friendly interface and easy access website give you the ability to run and review unlimited wastewater treatment plant scenarios with an 8-hour turnaround time and select the most suitable design for your project requirements.

Stop burning thousands of engineering hours on creating iterations to find and evaluate the best design. With the WTTP Design Generator you can reduce the preliminary steps in the project cycle, offer global consistency and quality control in all design documents, and bring new technologies and approaches to market faster.

If you're considering deconstructing, upgrading, rehabilitating, or even building a new wastewater treatment facility, the WTTP Design Generator will help you get the job done faster, automating 90 percent of your workflow by automatically combining decisions and calculations from each engineering field (process, mechanical, civil, architectural, electrical, control, and automation).

Adopt a real-time analytical approach to selecting the optimum design with the 365-day simulation with diurnal flow. You can run and assess endless scenarios with a turnaround time of only a few hours.

The Benefits Are Game Changing:

  • Faster results at lower costs
  • Automate 90% of your workflow
  • Quickly bid on more projects
  • Offer clients more design alternatives and options
  • Simultaneously evaluate CAS, MBR, MBBR, and IFAS
  • Bring new technologies and approaches to market faster

Initiate your first design today! 


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