• Dioxin & PCB Analysis

    Testing for dioxins and PCBs in environmental samples can be challenging due to matrix effects and the need to be able to detect these compounds at very low levels. 

    The Dioxin and PCB analysis brochure covers a variety of topics:

    • Dioxin prep system for thorough cleanup with significant time-savings
    • ORBO™-1000 samplers for collecting dioxins/furans and PCBs from air
    • GC columns suitable for analysis of dioxins and PCBs
    • SupraSolv® high quality solvents for trace GC analysis
    • Certified reference materials and analytical standards for accurate analysis
  • TOC Monitoring In Process Return Condensate

    Industrial power plants or co-generation power plants utilize steam for industrial purposes other than power production.
    Part of the steam is extracted from the water steam cycle and used for specific manufacturing processes. Examples of such industrial steam usage are refining, pulp and paper production, brewing, district heating, sugar and rubber production and countless more. After the steam is used it will return to the water steam cycle as a return condensate.
    This is identified as the critical point. If a potentially contaminated condensate from external use is re-fed into the "clean" cycle this can cause critical chemistry issues and damages at major generation components.

    Since the steam generation plant and the industrial plant are typically managed separately and are controlled areas, the return condensate defines the transfer point where either party must ensure that values are meeting requirements.

  • Custom Water Panel Answers Multiple Water Questions

    From intake through flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection, water plants monitor and control a number of water quality parameters before going to distribution. Increasingly plant managers are recognizing the value of a final check on those parameters. A mid-size water system in the southeast was looking to pull together multiple measurements in a single panel. After reviewing off-the-shelf solutions, they realized there was nothing that met their requirements.

  • Wastewater Solutions

    Optimization of wastewater treatment plants, and sewage and stormwater networks to prevent events and automate processes. Water utility companies must ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective service for citizens.

  • Remote Monitoring Solutions-As-A-Service

    This new program removes technology complexity by providing a turn-key solution for water and wastewater infrastructure monitoring, delivering data and intelligence to help utility managers address key challenges. Learn more about RMSaaS.


The ability to continuously and accurately measure water quality is a key requirement in many processes. Learn how the range of ABB's water analysis solutions provide real-time data on process conditions that can be used to improve efficiency, tighten performance, and safeguard quality.